Senator Who Just Voted to Allow Human Babies to be Killed at Birth Now Wants to Protect… Kittens?

H/T Godfather Politics.

Senator Jeff Merkley(D-OR) is squeamish about killing kittens but he no problem with committing infanticide.

The Oregon Democrat who recently voted against a bill to protect human babies from being killed after being born is proving that he is pro-life after all by proposing a bill to stop… kittens from being killed.

You read that right. Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkely does not see any reason at all to protect the life of human babies, but he is furious that anyone would kill a kitten and he thinks we need federal legislation to stop it.

This week, Merkley announced he is backing the KITTEN Act, a bill that would prevent the euthanizing of kittens used in medical research.

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Merkley told NBC News that the practice of killing kittens after they had been used in experiments is “archaic” and “horrific.”

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“The USDA’s decision to slaughter kittens after they are used in research is an archaic practice and horrific treatment, and we need to end it,” Merkley piously proclaimed. “The KITTEN Act will protect these innocent animals from being needlessly euthanized in government testing, and make sure that they can be adopted by loving families instead.”

NBC noted that Merkley wanted to put an end to the USDA’s kitten breeding program.

“The agency has been breeding kittens in Beltsville, Maryland, and infecting them with a parasite that can cause toxoplasmosis, a foodborne illness. Scientists harvest the parasites from their stool for two to three weeks, and then euthanize and incinerate the cats,” NBC reported.

But he didn’t care a whit about killing human babies and voted against the Born Alive Act because he agrees with killing human babies AFTER they are born.

Isn’t that just like a Democrat?

The Family Research Council slammed Merkley for his disgusting priorities of placing cat lives above human lives.

“What do cats have that newborn babies don’t?” wrote FRC President Tony Perkins, adding that Merkley’s bill is “one of the sickest ironies no one is talking about.”

Perkins went on:

I can’t wait to see some of these politicians standing on debate platforms next year telling the American people that when it comes to protecting living things: We chose cats over kids.

Here [Sen. Merkley] is, arguing that America ‘must stop killing kittens,’ when, three weeks ago, he stood in the U.S. Capitol and agreed with 43 Democrats that human beings should be put down.

Democrats said no [on the bill]. Killing a child is a ‘personal decision,’ they said, and Congress shouldn’t get in the way.”

Killing human babies is fine.

But, gosh, don’t go after Merkley’s kitty cats. THAT needs a federal law!


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