Dick’s Sporting Goods reports $150 million in lost sales after halting assault-weapons sales

H/T Fox News.

I personally will not be sad to see Dick’s Sporting Goods store sent to the ash bin of history.

Dick’s Sporting Goods’ bottom line took a very big hit after halting the sale of assault-style weapons in response to the Parkland school massacre.

The policy change cost the nation’s largest sporting goods retailer about $150 million in lost sales, about 1.7 percent of annual revenue, Bloomberg News reported Friday.

But boss Ed Stack isn’t complaining.

“The system does not work,” Stack said, according to the news outlet. “It’s important that when you know there’s something that’s not working, and it’s to the detriment of the public, you have to stand up.”

Parkland gunman Nikolas Cruz purchased a shotgun from Dick’s a few months before the attack, which left 17 dead, including a number of students.

Stack also banned the sale of all guns to anyone under 21.

Still, the gun ban hasn’t affected Dick’s stock price, Bloomberg reported.

Shares have climbed 14 percent in the 13 months since Parkland. Shares rose slightly Friday.

After the ban was announced, the National Rifle Association criticized Stack’s “strange business model,” according to Bloomberg.

Also, the National Shooting Sports Foundation kicked Dick’s out of the organization. Gun manufacturers liked Mossberg stopped do business with Dick’s.

Those who supported the ban promised to become Dick’s customers but did not stay the course.


“Love is fleeting. Hate is forever,” Stack said.

Author: deplorablesunite

I am a divorced father of two daughters. I am a Deplorable.

One thought on “Dick’s Sporting Goods reports $150 million in lost sales after halting assault-weapons sales”

  1. Because of there actions with the destruction of that AR’s as well. none of my friend will shop there. They built a new Dicks and Field & Stream in Chesapeake which sits off the interstate, when they first opened it was packed on weekends today not so much. I drive by it daily on the way home and there is hardly anyone parked there these days and probably at least a third of those cars are the employees. But more power to the independent retailer who are now selling the more evil black rifles. Shop local!


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