GOP Leader McConnell Launches ‘Nuclear Option’ to Push Trump’s Judicial Nominees Through

H/T Godfather Politics.

I applaud Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell(R-KY)for actually leading instead of being led.

The DemocRats are stopping these positions on the bench from being filled as they do not want to give President Trump any victory.

We need more Conservative judges on the bench so bravo Senator McConnell(R-KY)for going nuclear.

Dingy Harry Reid(D-NV)would not hesitate to go nuclear.

GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell, (KY), has been unable to get the Democrats to agree to begin allowing President Trump’s judicial nominees to be heard, so McConnell has just gone “nuclear.”

Over the objections of Democrats (what else) McConnell announced he is invoking the nuclear option to force Trump’s judges through.

The “nuclear option” overrides the Democrat filibustering on judges and sets the clock ticking for confirmation.

The move is criticized for taking away a measure of power of the minority party to block nominees.

The 60-vote threshold has already been waived to confirm cabinet members and Supreme Court nominees, but with the Senate becoming more and more polarized, the traditional comity where the minority party would allow a president to get his judges though has evaporated… mostly when Democrats are in the minority.

“The partisan temperament is destroying this place,” Sen. Michael Bennet, (D-CO), said according to the Washington Examiner. “It needs to come to an end.”

Despite the warnings, McConnell invoked the option because Democrats were only being obstreperous against ALL judicial nominees, not just ones they thought were unacceptable.

Republicans made the case that Democrats have imposed historic delays on White House nominees, even those they do not oppose, leaving picks for the federal bench and sub-Cabinet level officials waiting months (and in some cases, years) for confirmation.

They pointed to the many nominees Democrats delayed by requiring the clock to run out on all 30 hours of debate time, then voting in favor of confirmation.

The Democrats are just trying to prevent every judge, not questionable ones, and that is not acceptable, McConnell noted.

“This systematic obstruction is unfair to our duly elected president and more importantly, it is disrespectful to the American people who deserve the government they elected,” McConnell said.

“Just because they wish our president was not our president,” McConnell added.


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