California Now Wants to Force Every Restaurant Customer to Pay 1% ‘Global Warming Tax’

H/T Godfather Politics.

You know this voluntary tax will not stay voluntary long.

The proponents of this tax say we are not adding it to property taxes so the folks on a fixed income are not paying it.

Even on a fixed income people can eat out now and then so they will be paying this tax. 

Here we go again with California do-gooders stealing money from citizens, and this time they want to charge every restaurant customer a one percent tax to combat global warming.

Activists in Sacramento are pushing a movement to add the one percent tax to your lunch and dinner costs for the Restore California Renewable Restaurants movement.

These first measures would have restaurants automatically putting the one percent tax onto everyone’s bill but will also allow them the option of taking the tax off if customers complain that they don’t want to pay it.

According to Sacramento’s CBS affiliate:

Restaurant owners have the option of charging customers an additional 1% on their bills that would go to help stop climate change. Payments will be gathered by the California Air Resources Board and spent on implementing carbon plans on farms and ranches across California, boosting healthy soil, according to the Perrenial Farming Initiative.

“There’s always going to be the people who say, why is this on the bill? I don’t want to pay it. I don’t care what it’s for. I don’t want to pay it,” Christopher Barnum-Dann, the owner of Localis, said.

“We’re not asking our fixed-income people to pay that on their property tax. We’re asking that of someone who had made a choice to go out and spend money,” resident, John Peters, said.

Of course, what will eventually happen if this bill is passed into law? You know. Eventually the tax will be made mandatory, not voluntary. You know that will happen.

“Organizers say 1% might not sound like a lot, but if enough restaurants sign-up, it would add up quickly,” CBS said.

“There’s 78,000 restaurants in California, so if half of them join on that’s almost 40,000, so that’s a decent chunk of money,” Christopher Barnum-Dann told the news site.

Sure… Democrats with dreams in their eyes of never-ending money pots to dip their hands into.

The truth is, if you make this voluntary, no one will bother. If the bill passes, and when no one participates, the state will eventually just turn around and make it mandatory and that will do nothing but burden the citizens…. who are already moving out in droves.

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