U.S. sends bombers, carrier group to Middle East after ‘indications’ of possible Iran-backed attack

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May 6th, 2016

Tehran’s mullah driven theocracy appears to be doing more saber rattling as it has done many years in the past.

As in previous years it’s highly likely nothing of consequence will happen.

The U.S. Military is capable of seriously damaging Iran’s infrastructure by crippling it’s oil producing capabilities using conventional bombs.

President Trump and his aides say the outcome of their confrontation with Iran is already clear: They’re winning.

Iran has fallen into a deep recession; its economy may shrink 6% this year. Inflation is heading toward 40%, and the nation’s currency has virtually collapsed.

Newly tightened oil sanctions have deprived the Tehran government of at least $10 billion in revenue.

But shrinking Iran’s economy was never the main U.S. goal.

The sanctions were intended as a means toward larger ends: forcing the Tehran regime to stop supporting militant groups across the…

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