Tom Arnold: ‘I Would Endorse A F***ING Nazi Against Trump’

H/T Clash Daily.

Tom Arnold is a Hollyweird has been trying for fifteen minutes more of fame.

There is one thing you can almost set your watch by with the crazed Resist crowd: finding ways to out-do each other in crazed statements.

Trump Derangement Syndrome (and Bush DS before it) started as kind of a mocking joke — but as we look out at the cross-section of the Democrats’ Radical Resistance, that line between stupid and crazy is getting awfully blurry.

We’re now completely through the looking-glass, Alice. Here’s Tom Arnold in one more in a long list of prime examples:

We have gone from ‘Trump is literally Hitler’ to “I would endorse a Nazi against Trump”. (Time stamp: 3:11)

Can Tom even HEAR himself? Trump is the ‘head Nazi’?

The worst president by ‘every metric’.

Is he really that dumb, or is it an act?

He’s been predicting that Trump is going to quit, because he doesn’t want to get his ass kicked in 2020. Maybe Tom hasn’t noticed the stadiums Trump is still packing full compared to the meetings some of his ‘competition’ could cram into a typical Starbucks.

Keep yukking it up, Hollywood. Keep telling yourself it’s a ‘slam dunk’.

That worked out so well for you in 2016, didn’t it?

Standing up to the bullies was the one response the Left’s political machine was completely unprepared for… and Trump knew it. It’s why we elected him in the first place.

It inspired latest in the MAGA series of our very own Resident Artist, Doug Gilescapturing that same defiant spirit perfectly.



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