High Tax States Like California and New York Take Action Against Residents Trying to Flee State

H/T Barbwire.

NewYork and California will do whatever it takes to keep soaking former residents for all of the money they can.

New York and California are Democrat controlled states who are seeing a number of residents fleeing for various reasons.

Among those reasons are high taxes as well as the socialist policies stripping the residents of many of their rights and freedoms.

California and New York, as well as several other states are trying make it more difficult for residents who try to move their place of residency to other states.

If a person keeps a property in the old state (California or New York), the state will still go after them for taxes unless the property owner can prove that they live outside the state for a minimum of 183 days.

Dolly Lenz Real Estate CEO Dolly Lenz and Dolly Lenz Real Estate Managing Director Jenny Lenz on high taxes in states such as California and New York driving residents to leave for lower-tax states.

As an increasing number of residents are looking to leave high-taxOpens a New Window. states, such as California and New York, some of these state and local governmentsOpens a New Window. are not making the process easy.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act introduced a number of reforms, including a $10,000 cap on state and local tax deductions, which have caused Americans to look into establishing legal primary residences in states where they can limit their liabilities.

But some states give taxpayers a hard time when they are trying to change their domicile – thereby establishing their permanent residency elsewhere…

I also know a number of people that have left both California and New York because of the socialists running both states.

One family left California because of their strong anti-gun policies.

Several left New York for the same anti-gun reason.

Now realize that if Democrats ever regain control of the White House and Senate as well as the House, all of America will become just like California and New York.



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