Lara Trump unconcerned by new 2020 election poll showing Biden, Sanders and Warren ahead of President Trump

H/T  Fox News.

These are the same pollsters that told us the Hildabeast Clinton would beat Donald Trump in 2016.

Lara Trump, a senior campaign adviser for her father-in-law President Trump, told “America’s Newsroom” hosts she’s unbothered by a new poll showing Sens. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and former Vice President Joe Biden ahead of Trump.

The Fox News poll illustrated that if the 2020 election were held today, Joe Biden would be polling at 49 percent, Bernie Sanders at 46 percent and Elizabeth Warren at 43 percent, all higher than Donald Trump’s numbers of 38 percent.

“I say this all the time, but none of these people seem like a huge threat to me,” Lara Trump said during an interview Friday morning.

She went on to discuss perceived evidence of a successful Trump presidency, including increased job numbers and heightened GDP reports in 2019.

“He has real results to show here,” she said of President Trump. “Where all these other people, even Joe Biden, had eight years under the Obama administration to do a lot of great things for this country and we didn’t really see that,” she continued.

“So we still maintain we feel very comfortable no matter who the candidate is.”

Host Sandra Smith went on to detail another Fox News poll which indicated that the most important priority sought by Democratic voters in terms of a 2020 presidential candidate is that they be able to beat Donald Trump.

According to Smith, 73 percent of voters placed the importance of a candidate’s ability to halt Trump ahead of “high ethical standards, track records, new ideas.”

Lara Trump added that she thought those results were “sad” and credited it to Democrats continuing to be angry about the defeat of Hillary Clinton in 2016.

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