Mean Girls: A Mob Of Teens Film Themselves Assaulting Strangers

H/T Clash Daily.

Until law enforcement stands up to these feral ghetto apes and arrests them and gutless prosecutors start asking for the maxium penalty in each case this stuff will keep happening.

And worse, they laugh their fool heads off while doing it.

We’re supposed to accept that all cultures are equal — what about a culture that seems to think that attacking and making sport of defenseless young women is absolutely hilarious? Does THAT deserve to be embraced by mainstream culture?

Or is someone willing to admit that these psychos are way out of line and need to screw their heads on straight so they can contribute to a society that’s actually worth having?

We don’t have to look across the oceans to find groups of people that don’t treat each other with respect — we’ve got plenty of our own right here at home. Here are the mean streets of Philadelphia once again failing to live up to the meaning of the city’s name:

Don’t try to blow this off as just a ‘black thing’ either. That’s a damned lie and anyone — black or white — who buys into it as being ‘part of black urban culture’ is part of the problem.

Thomas Sowell traced this degenerate behavior to its source, not plantation slaves, but among those who OWNED them… traced it back to a couple of very specific unruly WHITE backwaters in the UK.

(Don’t take our word for it, read it for yourself in Black Rednecks and White Liberals.) Is their idiocy really a ‘culture’ worth laying claim to as culture heirs?


We would do the whole world a favor if we could all just agree that this behavior is beneath us all — black OR white — and focus on making our communities (yes even Philly!) a better place to live in.

Is that really so much to ask?

Instead of raising daughters who don’t respect themselves, others, or the law, how about we raise them to be rowdy in a POSITIVE, world-changing sense? Like this:






Author: deplorablesunite

I am a divorced father of two daughters. I am a Deplorable.

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