Report: Slave Reparations Could Cost U.S. a Ruinous $17 Trillion

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Slavery reparations have more than paid in full with the blood of 600,000 men that died during the Civil War.

And there have been over 50 years of welfare and food stamps paid since LBJ’s Great Society.

No one owes anybody a Damned thing for slavery reparations.

A new report finds that if the Democrats have their way and give blacks “slave reparations,” it would totally destroy our economy with an expected $17 trillion price tag.

Yahoo recently posted a story about the costs of reparations with a report on a bill meant to study the issue.

According to Yahoo:

Last week, the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties held the first hearing in a decade on H.R. 40, the Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act. The bill was first introduced in 1989 by former Congressman John Conyers (D-MI). Conyers reintroduced the bill each year until his retirement in 2017 — and each year, the bill languished in Congress.

The bill is a fact-finding bill, not one meant to pass actual reparations. It is aimed at finding out just how much such a deal would cost the country.

It turns out that such a payout could totally sink the country if taken to its most logical ends.

Yahoo added:

If reparations were to be paid to descendants of slaves, it would be costly. Many researchers have tried to place a dollar figure on the economic cost associated with hundreds of years of free labor, and accumulated wealth Southerners gained from enslaving blacks. Darity and Francis argue that any reparations paid should also be tax-free, given the nearly 100 years that black people paid taxes “while being disenfranchised in the U.S. South, a paradigmatic case of ‘taxation without representation.’”

In the essay collection “Wealth of Races,” several researchers tried to calculate the cost or “present value of benefits from past injustices.” Roger Ransom and Richard Sutch calculated that cost to be $3.4 billion between 1810 and 1860. In 2019, that would come to roughly $8.5 billion.

Economist Larry Neal tried to tabulate the price tag of unpaid wages to slaves from 1620 to 1840. In 1983 when he calculated the number, he estimated that slaves were owed $1.4 trillion in unpaid wages, or $3.6 trillion today. Economist James Marketti estimated that unpaid wages totaled somewhere between $3 trillion and $5 trillion dollars — again in 1983. Today, when accounting for inflation that number leaps to $7.7 trillion to $12.9 trillion.

This is all disastrous.

But the fact is, the USA does not owe blacks anything at all as far as reparations go. The USA paid for slavery with the blood of over 600,000 men and women from 1860 to 1865. That is a debt paid in full. The rest has just been working out the details.

Further, the racism that was “institutionalized” in America was never, ever institutionalized by the federal government itself. Any such institutionalization took many forms in varying degrees over various eras and were eliminated starting in the days of the founders and continuing in fits and starts all the way until the 1964 Civil Rights Act. So, to charge that reparations for racism should come from the federal government is specious.

Certainly, we don’t want our history to be sanitized to eliminate the racial problems we’ve collectively experienced merely in order to promote a harmonious future. I, for one, am of a mind that past slights of all sorts should always be included in our history books. But to focus solely on the negative without balancing that with what went right is an evil we must avoid.

The fact is, the USA started with equality in mind and implemented it the best we could in a time when equality was utterly unthinkable. Further, even though the equality imposed was flawed our system was created to eventually bring full equality to fruition and to do so entirely in keeping with our founding principles. So, to assume that the nation was “founded on racism” is an idiotic, ahistorical lie and those who proclaim these lies are un-American, destructive, and should be made a laughing stock.

‘Fact Checkers’ Declare That LIBERALS Tell The Truth ALL The Time

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We need to fact check the fact checkers.

Of course. They’re from that imaginary land where anyone who isn’t Left of Lenin is automatically lying. No bias there!

MSNBC viewers woke up to Joe Scarborough touting how incredible the Democrats were. “Not only were they talking substantive policy but also making it a very boring night for fact-checkers who haven’t slept for two and a half years!” There was laughter and applause from the breakfast crowd he assembled for his show. His wife, Mika Brzezinski, chimed in saying, “They took the night off!” MSNBC analyst Eddie Glaude seconded the emotion, oozing that the Democrats brought “fact-based reality” to their policy talk.
Source: DailyWire

Right. Took the night off.

We’ve been down this road before, haven’t we? FAKE NEWS: Just HOW Worthless Are Those New ‘Media Monitors’… Here’s A List!

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We could list all the True and Mostly true assessments Politifact gave all the Democratic candidates in the debate, but it might be easier to just do this, instead. The same company that takes every opportunity to tilt assessments of Trump’s admin into the negatives, incredibly still found a way to salvage a kernel of truth in this one:



NJ Senator and Dem candidate @CoryBooker claim that there is more regulation over toy guns than real ones is , since he mischaracterized the scope of regulations for toy guns and firearms, and overlooked a body of key legislations 

Here’s what Booker’s claim that toy guns are more regulated than real ones is missing

Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker wants more regulations on guns, an industry he said is even less regulated than their toy imitations. Booker, a U.S. senator from New Jersey, laid out…

See PolitiFact’s other Tweets

“MOSTLY” false. With a caveat.

Well, there you go. We can TOTALLY trust the objectivity of these ‘fact-checkers’, right?

How silly are they getting? This silly:

The Dopes At Snopes Just ‘Fact-Checked’ A Parody Site … Again
And if they’re not silly, they’re either corrupt, or in some cases busted for the same things they accuse their political enemies of — or worse: Southern Poverty Law Center Fires Co-Founder Morris Dees Amidst Allegations Of Racism And Sexism

PolitiFact actually boasted on Twitter during the debate: “We’ve been fact-checking @ewarren since 2014. She has never received a rating lower than Half True.” How is that possible? Easy. For one, PolitiFact has never issued a Truth-O-Meter ruling on Warren’s claim of being part Cherokee Indian.

Warren and Cruz were both elected to the U.S. Senate in 2012. But from 2012 through 2018, Warren was assessed seven times, all favorably. Cruz was evaluated on 157 statements — roughly 22 times as often! In 2018, as both ran for re-election, PolitiFact evaluated Cruz 16 times … and Warren zero.

Doesn’t this underline how these “independents” think liberals are incapable of dishonesty and conservatives lie once a minute?
Source: DailyWire

At least WaPo was honest about catching some of them in lies. For example: Beto got it wrong when he said Purdue Pharma paid no price for selling opioids. There was a Quarter-Billion dollar civil settlement for damages. They also nailed Tim Ryan’s financial claims, and the whopper about trans-women (formerly known as ‘dudes in dresses’) having the right to an abortion.

SOMEHOW, the fact-checkers taking the night off were oblivious to them. As was MSNBC flunkie ‘Morning Joe’.

Will he say WaPo is lying? Or will he admit he’s full of crap?

Nope. They’ll move on, retracting nothing and let this mischaracterization stand in the historical record so that they can quote it in the future, and thus conveniently rewrite history in their party’s favor.