Armed Suspect Shoots 3 People, Concealed Carrier Shoots and Successfully Stops Suspect

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One thing we know for sure is the concealed carrier stopped anyone else from being shot.

DETROIT, MICHIGAN — An armed citizen drew his firearm and shot a suspect who police say had just shot three people. The incident began over the results of a dice game, and the concealed carrier likely saved lives.

An argument broke out after a dice game in the area of Seven Mile and Harlow streets on the city’s west side, at about 8:45 p.m.

Three of the victims, 18, 23 and 24 years old, were hospitalized in temporary serious condition. The condition of a fourth victim, 61 years old, is unknown.


The injured suspect was arrested by police and taken into custody.

News reports did not mention if the concealed carrier was a passerby or was a part of the group of people involved in the incident.

Police are still investigating, but it doesn’t seem that this armed citizen will be facing any charges related to the self-defense shooting.



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It is not about guns but it is about control.

An armed man is a citizen but an unarmed man is a subject.

Very few Americans will remember the following historical facts regarding Black-American gun ownership in America:

  • The first task of the Democrat-controlled Ku Klux Klan was to disarm the black population in the South.
  • It was citizen militias that repelled white mobs who were attacking black neighborhoods in many Northern cities in the days before reconstruction. On at least two occasions, those militias were composed entirely of black gun owners.
  • During the freedom struggles of the 1960s, organized black militias in at least three Southern states protected civil rights workers of all races.

Recently, Ken Blackwell, former Secretary of State in Ohio, wrote, “Tragically, despite this heritage of responsible and effective use of firearms, equal citizenship has frequently been denied to black Americans through the use of gun control laws. Such laws were used to keep firearms out of the hands of African Americans—to deny their very equality as human beings—from the earliest colonial days through the end of Jim Crow in 1965.”

Blackwell continued, “I would argue that even today, blacks continue to suffer disproportionate harm from gun control laws, as major cities deny legal firearms to the residents of high-crime urban neighborhoods.”

I completely agree, Mr. Blackwell.

I am honestly perplexed at the level of evil represented in recent and past shootings in America; it is senseless, violent hate without a mask. The struggle to protect the innocent from armed aggressors is one every American, regardless of party affiliation, should be a part of.

In many instances, anti-gun politicians use religion to excoriate Second Amendment supporters. Phrases like, “How can you as a Christian stand for this kind of lawless behavior where people have easy access to guns and kill others? It doesn’t make sense – you ought to be for more gun control if you’re a Christian!”

These hypocritical assertions come from many who believe the act of murder against a black American is okay so long as the child is unborn or infant. This is driving me crazy because I can’t even wrap my head around this nefarious, illogical absurdity.

Many black political leaders and “so-called” non-Eurocentric political leaders should consider an overhaul of their disdainful thinking of the Second Amendment. Their support of government infringement of the right to bear arms is violating the Constitution and robbing black Americans of the ability to defend themselves, demoting them to second-class citizenship.

As seen in every single mass shooting, the government is completely incapable of protecting the citizenry from these kinds of attacks. If the people do not protect themselves, there is no protection. All “gun-control” laws do is fight or obstruct the people from protecting themselves.

Our Founding Fathers dedicated our Constitution to “preserve the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity” (emphasis added). The Second Amendment was a part of their way to ensure we can accomplish this regardless of our color.

To quote Mr. Blackwell again, “…Any political party that undermines those rights is making the minority community most vulnerable. Law-abiding Americans deserve the right to defend themselves.”

I believe today we need “control” of our leaders and we need to make sure that they advocate, endorse, and sponsor the protection of all Americans’ God-given right to life, liberty, and property.

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Trump Is Weighing ANTIFA Terror Status With Portland Protests Looming — Should He Do It?

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President Trump should declare ANTIFA a terrorist organization.

With the waves of violence and criminal actions traced back to this group, some of us wonder why this hasn’t happened already.

The only real scandal behind the ‘good people on both sides’ narrative (since Trump explicitly denounced violent protesters on both ends of the political spectrum that day) is the Left’s ongoing tacit support of Antifa ‘protesters’.

Forget the riots they’ve caused, the bricks and urine they’ve hurled into crowds, the heads cracked with bike locks and skateboards, the improvised grenades made out of firecrackers and wine bottles and the physical assault on journalists.

Forget the doxxing and intimidation tactics. The left doesn’t even blink at that.

This ‘protest group’ has called themselves ‘anti-nazi’. That’s enough for CNN and some of the 2020 Democratic wannabes, too.

Now that journalists are getting hospitalized, and we’ve seen an attempted bombing of an ICE center and the Dayton shooter by Antifa members or sympathizers, you’d think the tide of public opinion would fully turn against them on both sides of the aisle. At this point, it has not.

And this weekend, Portland has another ‘protest’ planned.

With the city under the microscope, there’s pressure on the Portland Mayor not to drop the ball (again) by letting these blackshirts run riot in his city.

Like anything else on social media, we have to take it with a grain of salt, but there are rumors that Antifa has a few nasty surprises planned to try and score a propaganda win:

If so, things could get ugly, especially if the media gleefully tells a story about police or Maga supporters doing the sorts of things that the Blackshirts have become known for.

Trump is considering taking this domestic threat seriously.

Donald J. Trump


Major consideration is being given to naming ANTIFA an “ORGANIZATION OF TERROR.” Portland is being watched very closely. Hopefully the Mayor will be able to properly do his job!

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That might be not just the right course of action, but one that is long overdue.

Few things have been poisoning political discourse more than the group that calls everyone they disagree with a ‘nazi’ while promoting the supposedly righteous cause of ‘punching nazis’.

New Report Says Biden Allies Considering Scaling Back Public Speaking; Reason Why Is Hilarious

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Slow Joe The Gaff Machine Biden is going to pull a Hillary and drop out of sight.

Too funny! Can’t Take Uncle Joe anywhere!

When you take a good look at the Democratic Party’s talent pool for the upcoming 2020 presidential election, it becomes clear pretty quickly they are scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is currently the party frontrunner and given the massive number of gaffes he’s already had on the campaign trail, it’s pretty obvious he’s a really bad choice. The man is simply clueless.

And don’t think this has gone unnoticed by his own people. It hasn’t. In fact, his closest allies are thinking of limiting his public speaking engagements to avoid any more verbal slip-ups.

via The Daily Wire:

“Allies to Joe Biden have been floating the idea of altering the former vice president’s schedule in an effort to reduce the gaffes he has made in recent days,” reports The Hill. “The allies, growing increasingly nervous about Biden’s verbal flubs, have said it’s an approach that’s been suggested to campaign officials on the heels of the former vice president’s stumbles.”

Indeed, Biden has practically been making a gaffe a week at this stage in the game. Last week alone, the former vice president committed two gaffes in just under 24 hours when he told a crowd of supporters he values “truth over facts” and then later told the Asian and Latino Coalition PAC “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”

“We should challenge these students, we should challenge students in these schools and have advance placement programs in these schools,” Biden told the Asian and Latino Coalition PAC, in comments reported by Fox News. “We have this notion that somehow if you’re poor, you cannot do it. Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”

Boy, that last one is a real doozy, isn’t it? Goodness. Imagine if a conservative let that bad boy slip out? The left would be crucifying said individual all over the media, slapping them with a “R” on their shirt like it was the “Scarlet Letter.”

The “R” stands for racist instead of an “A” for adultery. You get the picture.

Anyway, Biden and Trump wouldn’t be much of a match up. Trump would destroy him, but boy would those debates be entertaining!

Suspect in Philly Cop Shooting Prohibited from Possessing Firearms

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Name one law on the books now or being proposed that would have stopped this thug from getting a gun.

Philadelphia/United States – -( The recent shooting of at least six police officers in Philadelphia is being used as a call for gun control. However, revelations that the shooter in question had a lengthy rap sheet is likely to cause this shooting to fade from the news. Second Amendment supporters should not let that happen.

Here’s the deal, like the Parkland and Sutherland Springs mass shooter, this was a person who could have been dealt with long ago by cops. Very early on, he was caught with a gun that had an altered serial number. That violation of 18 USC 922(k) should land someone five years in federal prison.

The Philadelphia shooter was busted numerous other times, including a 55-month sentence on gun charges in 2010 for two guns. That really should have been closer to 20 years, not roughly four and a half. It also does not include the numerous charges that were dropped or which didn’t result in convictions.

This is something anti-Second Amendment extremists will try to move on from. The Parkland shooter and the activists from there are an afterthought – largely due to the fact that the bumbling cowards of Broward County and the fumbles of the Federal Bureau of Investigation got out there. Sutherland Springs sputtered out because the fact that the killer there had a disqualifying conviction that was not in NICS became known.

When we talk about helping to alleviate concerns from the suburban voters that have been far too receptive to the siren song of Bloomberg’s gun-ban agenda, addressing things like NICS shortcomings and law enforcement failures are things that can do just that. This is especially important when anti-Second Amendment extremists try to push unjust infringements on our rights in response to a preventable tragedy.

Project Exile can do the same thing as those other items, and actually, serve as a pro-Second Amendment double play. When you look at cities like Chicago, Baltimore, and other cities with high rates of violent crime, Project Exile could be crucial to reaching out to these people, whose interest in the Second Amendment is far different than those of someone in rural Iowa or West Virginia. The provisions of 18 USC 922(d), 18 USC 922(g), 18 USC 922(i), 18 USC 922(j), and 18 USC 922(u) combined with sentencing enhancements from 18 USC 924 play a big role in this.

The benefits of supporting a revived Project Exile are obvious: We show suburban voters that we treat the misuse of Second Amendment rights seriously. Those in the crime-ridden urban areas, though, will see the worst of the worst get put away for a long time – after the express advocacy of Second Amendment supporters.

The shooter in Philadelphia is a classic example of the type of person Project Exile could take out of circulation before they got into a multi-hour shootout with cops (or cause some other tragedy). This guy’s rap sheet means that he could have been eligible for the armed career criminal enhancement provided by 18 USC 924(e) – a 15-year mandatory minimum.

Not many people know about these provisions. Tell a soccer mom that with proper action, potential shooters could be stopped with existing laws on the books that just aren’t used by the same folks demanding new laws, and have the proof with these laws being used to put other bad guys away, and we get a chance to convince them that at the very least they should not support new restrictions.

But to do that, we must have credibility, and to have that requires not falling for hoaxes that sound good, being aware of how our support for the Second Amendment comes across to others, and not making stupid mistakes that help Bloomberg discredit us and our arguments. Supporting a revival of Project Exile can build that credibility up.

Kamala Harris’s Poorly Thought Out Gun Control Proposals

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Kamala Harris and her anti-gun proposals like all of the anti-gun crowd is long on emotions short on facts and reality.

Democratic presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) took flak for politicizingthe shooting of police in Philadelphia on Wednesday. She couldn’t even wait more than an hour before pushing gun control. But there is a big problem with her solutions to have more regulations for gun dealers. She didn’t even yet know how the attacker got his guns, but it is delusional to think that any regulations on gun dealers are going to significantly stop drug dealers from getting guns.

She announced again on CNN Wednesday that she wants “to take the licenses of gun dealers who violate the law.” What she means is to drive out of business gun dealers who make even the tiniest, meaningless paperwork errors.

It is hard to ignore that the shooter, 36-year-old Maurice Hill, has a lengthy criminal history of drug dealing and gun convictions. He is not the type of guy who was buying a gun from a licensed gun dealer.

But one need look no further than Mexico, which borders Harris’s home state of California, to see how well her proposed regulations would work in stopping drug dealers from getting weapons.

Mexico has draconian gun control laws and has gone far beyond removing the licenses from a significant number of gun dealers. Since 1972, there has only been one gun store in the country, located in Mexico City. The military runs it, and guns are very costly. Only about 1 percent of Mexicans have a license to legally own guns. In addition, since 1972, the most powerful rifles that you can legally buy in Mexico are .22 caliber.

So how well has that worked in stopping drug gangs from getting weapons? In June, Mexico, a country with less than 40 percent of the US’s population, had over 3,000 murders. During the first six months of the year, they had over 17,500 murders. Their murder rate is nearly six times the US rate, and some Mexican states have murder rates over 100 per 100,000 people.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney is “angry about someone having all that weaponry and all that firepower.” But if you think that strict limits on what types of guns law-abiding people own will stop drug dealers from getting the weapons they want, again look at Mexico. Hint: drug gangs aren’t using .22 caliber guns.

By the way, Mexico’s murder rate stopped falling and started rising after the 1972 gun control laws. The reason for instituting their gun control laws was because of fears that radical students who were staging demonstrations at the nation’s universities would cause a revolution and overthrow the government. The murder rates now are more than twice what they were before their gun control laws.

So why is it so hard to keep drug dealers from getting guns? The answer is simple: illegal drug profits. Gang members can’t go to the police to ask for help getting their drugs back from other dealers who might have stolen their supply. Gangs need guns to protect their valuable property, and they can bring guns into Mexico just as easily as they bring in their drugs.

Drug gangs steal some guns from the Mexican military. Only about 15% of guns in Mexico come from the U.S. Since the U.S. is unique in requiring serial numbers on guns, it is relatively easy for Mexico to figure out what guns are from the U.S. Mexico guesses that about 17% of their crime guns are from the US and it gives those guns to the US to be traced.  It turns out that about 90% of those, or 15% of the total, did come from the US.

If Kamala Harris could click her fingers today and cause all guns to disappear from the United States and all illegal drugs, how long would it take for illegal drugs to start getting back into the US? If you are in El Paso or parts of Southern California, 20 minutes? How long would it take for these drug dealers to bring in the weapons that they would need to protect their valuable property? They would bring them in at the same time.

The fact that drug dealers have these guns makes it hard to enforce other gun control laws. You will have about as much success stopping drug dealers from selling guns as you have in preventing them from selling drugs, and if you think that you have stopped criminals from being able to buy illegal drugs, good luck with stopping them from being able to obtain guns.

In one shooting after another, gun control advocates like Harris keep on pushing regulations that wouldn’t stop the crimes that they are using to push the laws that they want. Take the constant call for universal background checks after mass public shootings, that is background checks on the private transfer of guns. There isn’t one attack this century that would have been stopped by such a federal law, but it hasn’t stopped gun control advocates like Harris to call for such a law immediately after each mass public shooting.

Kamala Harris’s proposed gun laws will move us towards a situation like Mexico, where the drug dealers and criminals have guns, not law-abiding Americans. The only real solution is taking the profits out of illegal drugs.

Obama Has No Confidence In Biden, Told Him He Didn’t Have to Run Against Trump In 2020

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Bathhouse Barry Obama knew Slow Joe The Gaff Machine would not only embarrass himself but he would make Obama look bad.

Bathhouse Barry also knew President Trump is extremely popular and he has a record that can not realistically be run against.


Barack Obama didn’t need Joe Biden to win the presidency in 2008.

He literally could’ve picked any other human being in America and still would’ve won.

And yet, Obama and company chose Biden – Mr. Gaffe.

Now that Joe is looking to unseat President Trump in 2020, Obama has consistently shown no faith in his former right-hand man.

Former President Barack Obama reportedly wasn’t particularly sold on the idea of Joe Biden, his vice president for eight years, mounting his own bid for the White House in 2020.

“You don’t have to do this, Joe, you really don’t,” Obama told Biden before the 76-year-old formally launched his campaign in April, acording to the New York Times.

“Mr. Biden — who thinks he could have defeated Donald Trump four years ago — responded by telling Mr. Obama he could never forgive himself if he turned down a second shot at Mr. Trump,” the Times reports.

The Times states Obama huddled with top Biden aides in March to implore they insure that the former vice president does not “damage his legacy” or “embarrass himself.”

Need another example as to why Obama isn’t big on Joe?

Okay, here you go…

Joe Gabriel Simonson


Biden says the Obama administration left a lot of Americans behind 

Joe Biden

Biden concedes that under Obama ‘a lot of people were left behind’

Joe Biden said the White House under President Barack Obama, when Biden was vice president, did not do enough to address the concerns of white working-class voters in the Rust Belt.

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If you had the ability to take out Osama bin Laden, you do it. That’s pretty much a no-brainer.

The monster was behind the deaths of nearly 3,000 people on 9/11.

Biden didn’t feel that way. He told Obama to not go ahead with the raid.

What’s funny is 44 cared so little about Joe’s opinion that he went forward with the plan anyway.