Gun Controllers Claim The .Gov Prevents ‘Gun Violence’ Research, But There’s Plenty of It Available

H/T The Truth About Guns.

I am going to say this as honestly as I can the anti-gun crowd are Damned liars.

nd may carry) vs. non restrictive (shall carry and unrestricted). They didn’t find any increase in violent crime or homicide as concealed carry laws became less restrictive.

It is refreshing to see physicians doing objective research on firearms instead of demonstrating anti-gun bias from beginning to end. Here is another recent example of that bias.

I attended the Iowa State Trauma Conference in August and took in a lecture titled Active shooter in the healthcare setting. I expected the usual anti-gun blather and, unfortunately, I was correct.

Many of the statistics presented were either irrelevant or biased. During the lecture the author repeatedly mentioned how many firearms were confiscated from people when certain hospitals installed metal detectors at the entrances, without discriminating between legally and illegally carried guns.

That wasn’t the worst of it though. She then added that perhaps 20% of weapons got through the metal detectors. So I asked why, if even with metal detectors we can’t stop significant numbers of firearms from getting into the facilities, shouldn’t people inside be armed anyway?

She said that “we have found the increase in the number of firearms is a risk factor for firearm injuries and the number of guns used to protect someone is much less than the number of people harmed with guns every year.”

I brought up the fact that many researchers have found that the number of defensive gun uses is much higher than the harm done by criminals. Even the CDC’s own survey data (which they hid for 25 years), showed approximately 2.4 million defensive gun uses every year. That is many times more than all of the gunshot harm, including suicides, every year.

She said, “We will just have to agree to disagree.” I had to agree with her there. She doesn’t want to consider research that doesn’t fit the party line. I think that we need to look at all of it.

So despite some good articles published by medical researchers this year, we still have a long road ahead with a lot of opposition from medical professionals. Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership will continue to counter the biased pseudoscience put out by anti-gun medical professionals and stand up for our right to self-defense.



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Dr. Sean Brodale is a family practitioner in Iowa. He is pursuing the right to carry in hospitals for eligible medical personnel. At DRGO he is involved in membership and public engagement projects.


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