I saw a movie where only the police and the military had guns it was called Schindlers List.


More people are killed by government agents than by all criminals, right?

Some Americans–and you might be one of them–misled by so-called “news” media, the public school system and the common narrative, have been led to believe guns are bad, and even evil, which is completely false.* Guns have social utility and public value.

These same folks believe “authorities” should be heavily armed. It’s illogical, inconsistent, even irrational. Yet it has become an emblem of so-called liberal progressivism and the democrat’s platform for the U.S. presidency. Disarm the public, over-arm the overlords.

These folks are badge lickers, convinced guns are OK only if the people holding them wear shiny badges. This dangerous philosophy leads to fascism, socialism and communism, dictatorships you’ve heard about. Oppressive forms of government, unlike our own.

Just like in communist China or Russia, which are mortal enemies of America, they can abuse their subjects, can run amok and murder citizens without consequences, because they have all the weapons and the public is defenseless. Without fully realizing it–

You may be a badge licker if:

•  You want guns to “go away” but still want police with machineguns and body armor;
•  You tell everyone “they should take all the guns away,” but forget “they” remain armed;
•  You feel guns are too dangerous for people to own, but you exclude police and the feds;
•  You feel safe when you see heavily armed police parading around on TV after a spree murder, but feel deep-seated fear when TV airs a close-up of firearms in gun stores;
•  You wish guns had never been invented but are glad police all have plenty of big guns;
•  You want police with guns to come and take guns from your otherwise nice neighbors;
•  You believe red-flag laws will protect you, without realizing they don’t affect criminals.

* Guns are good, save lives, protect you, stop crime, preserve peace and freedom, provide food, defend our shores, deter national threats from foreign enemies, and if guns didn’t exist we would have to defend ourselves with clubs, rocks, sticks and blades, much worse, less effective options. Media hides these facts, which is worse than fake news.

Author: deplorablesunite

I am a divorced father of two daughters. I am a Deplorable.

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