Bowing to Islam: Subway rolls out halal-certification process, pork pulled nationwide

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

October 27th, 2019

When Muslims get together in numbers in any given community then the make their demands.

This time they caved in under pressure and the malignancy that Islam represents won another battle.

Typical of any malignancy, if not caught early it will overcome the host and the host will die.

The small store near my home in Southern, California quit selling pork products for the same reason.

Subway has started its process to get halal-certified, removing all traces of pork-based proteins from its outlets across Singapore, as of yesterday.

The move was confirmed on its social media pages and follows its initial announcement in February.

The post was once again met with mixed reactions, with many citizens expressing approval that Muslim friends can now enjoy Subway, while others mourned the loss of sandwiches containing pork.

These reactions echoed that of its February announcement.


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One thought on “Bowing to Islam: Subway rolls out halal-certification process, pork pulled nationwide”

  1. So no Ham Sandwiches? Really? No BBQ? Oh well their history, There are plenty of American sandwich shops to choose from. A quick question what its the percentage of Muslims in this country?


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