Chicago Suburb Debates Pros And Cons Of Armed School Staff

H/T Bearing Arms.

With the number of shooting in Chicago teachers not only need to be armed but they need body armor.

School board members in the Chicago suburb of Barrington, Illinois heard from supporters and opponents of a measure to allow trained and vetted school staff to carry firearms as a first line of defense in case of an active assailant attack at one of the district’s  twelve campuses. While the board isn’t actively considering arming staff at the moment, the issue is expected to come up at the state school board association’s meeting in weeks, and the school board wanted to hear from the community before making its recommendation.

Based on what they heard, they’re not likely to come out in support.

“I am uncomfortable with misuse of firearms,” said Robert Crowther, who has three grandchildren enrolled at Barrington High School. “I think that’s what we’re worried about here. Well trained people are important in situations where something comes up. I don’t think it has to be forced on every teacher. It’s crazy. If you’re not comfortable with a situation you shouldn’t be involved in it.”

Crowther said he is a military veteran and gun owner who knows how to use them. He wants to leave the use of firearms to the experts.


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