GOOD HUNTING: 104yo Grandmother Gets Hunting Licence… Bags A Buck On First Time Out!

H/T Clash Daily.

This is one tough woman.

Next time someone uses age as an excuse not to do something new… remember this story about a bad@ss 104-year-old grannie taking up hunting.

I’ve seen people 30 years her junior that struggle to get a spoon to their lips, but Florence Teeters — who was around BEFORE the first shots of WWI were fired, before Russia had a Soviet revolution, and before Shackleton’s expedition to the South Pole took up a new hobby.

Deer hunting.

As it happens, she’s pretty good at it. She came back with a buck on her first time out!

Florence Teeters, a 104-year-old Wisconsin woman, got her first hunting license this week then and nabbed a deer on her first time out.
Teeters vowed to hunt last year after she holed up with her son, Bill, in a hunting blind. The pair watched for deer together, but only Bill could take the shot.
The mother of five, who raised her children to be hunters, decided she wanted a buck of her own.
So, this week, she returned to the blind a licensed hunter. “Yes, it was her idea to get the license. And, yes, that was her first license,” her son told the Wisconsin DNR Bureau of Law Enforcement.
Source: CNN

Spotting a buck some 90 feet away, her son pointed it out to her. Smiling, she took the shot. She made it count.

“I got a buck! I got a buck!”

She sure did. And landed herself in the record books in the process.

With her win, she became the oldest Wisconsin woman to get licensed and harvest a deer, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources said.
Source: CNN

What does this tough broad do for fun when she’s not dropping a buck from a blind?

The usual things a woman her age might enjoy — riding on ziplines, partying at Mardi Gras every year… that sort of thing.

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