One Woman’s Contribution – Elaine Ooley

Pacific Paratrooper

Happy birthday, Elaine! Weldon Spring woman turns 106

“I don’t want to grow old. So I don’t act like I’m old. I refuse to do that,” Elaine Ooely said

WELDON SPRING, Mo. — We want to wish a happy birthday to Elaine Ooley from Weldon Spring. She recently turned 106 !!

Elaine Ooley is the definition of resilient. Here’s a short version of her amazing life story. She weighed just one pound when she was born and wasn’t expected to survive.

When she was just 4 years old, she survived the 1918 influenza pandemic in America. She went on to graduate high school during the Great Depression. And after that, she served as an aircraft dispatcher in the women’s Army Corps.

Air Force veteran Elaine Ooley, looks up toward a bomb addressed to Hitler, and asked for a picture of it, inside of the World War II B-17 bomber on…

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A Sniper Hid Inside a Papier-Mache Horse in No-Mans Land

H/T War History OnLine.

They Replaced a dead horse with  papier-mache one.
They Replaced a dead horse with papier-mache one.

The horse was the mainstay of battle logistics in World War One, pulling munitions and armaments, transporting the sick and wounded.

But they were also casualties in the war that saw the end of their extensive use in modern warfare. The rotting corpses of fallen horses were a common sight on the battlefields of the Somme.

The area that became no-mans-land between the trenches became a hellish region, blasted by shelling, strewn with barbed wire and booby traps, the final resting place of thousands of infantrymen from both sides.

It was impossible to cross, and trench warfare later became synonymous with stalemate.

During this period, finding out what your enemy was doing became a key activity as both sides tried to push forward and take ground by any means.

The Allies and the Germans both needed intelligence in order to gain any sort of advantage and reverted to very creative means in order to get it.

A dead horse was replaced with a papier-mache one
A dead horse was replaced with a papier-mache one

The French had already been experimenting with papier mâché making realistic heads which they propped above the edge of the trenches in the winter of 1915, in order to draw out sniper fire.

Letting the sniper hit these fake infantrymen meant that the location of the shooter could be established and then accurately targeted.

But their use of papier mâché did not end there. Emboldened by their success with mannequins the French changed up a gear and created an entire phoney horse carcass.

The idea was inspired by observing that the carcasses of horses, some quite close to enemy trenches, went largely ignored by the Germans.

One night a group of French soldiers snuck up close to the enemy line and dragged away the dead horse and replaced it with the papier mâché replica.

Pictured above are US Government photographs showing the same subject from two camera angles. The top photo appears to be the carcass of a dead horse on a World War I battlefield, but the bottom photo shows that it is only a papier mâché simulation of a horse carcass, with a sniper hidden inside.
Pictured above are US Government photographs showing the same subject from two camera angles. The top photo appears to be the carcass of a dead horse on a World War I battlefield, but the bottom photo shows that it is only a papier mâché simulation of a horse carcass, with a sniper hidden inside.

A sniper crawled inside while his comrades reeled out a telephone wire from the horse to the trenches so the sniper could report any observations of enemy troop movements.

The French got away with this subterfuge for three days before the Germans spotted the sniper climbing out of the phoney pony.

They wasted no time in obliterating the decoy, but the first attempt was considered such a success it went on to be used again on a number of occasions.

Such cunning with regard to camouflage was not the sole preserve of the French military, the German army for their part were also able to come up with remarkably durable spyware.

In Belgium there was an array of blackened and burned out stumps called Oosttaverne wood smack in the middle of no-man’s land, near Messines.

In 1917 the German military built a twenty-five-foot-tall tree stump out of steel pipe, painting it to resemble burned bark to merge with the remaining tree trunks.

tree stump
Sniper ‘tree’

It was a tight space but had just enough room to conceal a sniper, who would also be able to report back troop movements he had seen from his forward position.

Using diversionary fire to distract the allies the Germans cut down an existing tree and replaced it with the steel replica.

The fake tree was brazenly set up overnight in a huge logistic effort amongst the remains of the wood.

It stayed in operation until the Germans had to retreat following the Battle of Messines, when the British tunnelled under the German lines and destroyed their trenches from below.

tree stump
The “O.P. Tree” was an Observation Post Tree deployed during World War I.

However, the tree was so successful that the Allies had no idea for months that their movements were being spied on from such close quarters.

Indeed, the British had been established in their forward positions, alongside the fake tree for several months before it was finally discovered. After the war, the tree was put on display at the Australian War Memorial.


The work of the World War One war horses has been commemorated in many memorials, books, films and stage shows.



Appeals Court Won’t Force Ex-Trump Aide McGahn To Testify Before Congress

H/T The Washington Free Beacon.

This is what winning looks like.

In a serious blow to the oversight efforts of House Democrats, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled Friday that former White House counsel Don McGahn can defy a subpoena to testify before Congress.

Judge Thomas Griffith wrote the opinion for a three-judge panel that divided two to one. Griffith said the case presented a political conflict between two branches of government that the judiciary has no power to resolve.

“If we throw ourselves into ‘a power contest nearly at the height of its political tension,’ we risk seeming less like neutral magistrates and more like pawns on politicians’ chess boards,” the decision reads. “In this case, the dangers of judicial involvement are particularly stark. Few cases could so concretely present a direct clash between the political branches.”

The House Judiciary Committee issued a subpoena for McGahn’s testimony in April 2019. The panel sought his testimony in connection with former special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, saying McGahn was a critical witness to alleged instances of obstruction of justice on Trump’s part. The White House instructed McGahn not to cooperate with the subpoena, precipitating the legal battle with House Democrats.

U.S. District Judge Kentaji Brown Jackson ordered McGahn to comply with the subpoena in November 2019, rejecting administration arguments that the president’s senior aides are absolutely immune from congressionally compelled testimony.

In Friday’s decision, Griffith said the lower court ruling would force judges to supervise co-equal branches of government and set rules governing congressional investigations, thereby turning the courts into an “ombudsman for interbranch information disputes.”

“The committee’s suit asks us to settle a dispute that we have no authority to resolve,” the decision reads. “The Constitution does not vest federal courts with some ‘amorphous general supervision of the operations of government.’”

The Department of Justice applauded the D.C. Circuit for dismissing the House’s “unprecedented” lawsuit.

“We are extremely pleased with today’s historic ruling from the D.C. Circuit recognizing that the House of Representatives cannot invoke the power of the courts in its political disputes with the executive branch,” a DOJ spokeswoman said. “Suits like this one are without precedent in our nation’s history and are inconsistent with the Constitution’s design. The D.C. Circuit’s cogent opinion affirms this fundamental principle.”

Elsewhere in the decision, Griffith said House Democrats repeatedly undermined their own legal arguments.

For example, Griffith noted that House Democrats cited the administration’s litigating position in the McGahn case in support of the second article of impeachment, obstruction of Congress. That’s more evidence that Friday’s dispute is “a bitter political showdown” unfit for the courts, Griffith wrote.

Griffith also observed that the House issued subpoenas to Attorney General William Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross just one day after Jackson found the House could compel McGahn’s testimony. Griffith said those actions showed that a decision for the House could ensnare the courts in future disputes between the president and Congress over enforcement of subpoenas.

“The walk from the Capitol to our courthouse is a short one, and if we resolve this case today, we can expect Congress’s lawyers to make the trip often,” the decision reads.

The court distinguished Friday’s decision from related cases involving subpoenas and the separation of powers. Griffith said the decision does not disturb a 2019 decision finding Congress can enforce a subpoena for Trump’s financial records, since those records are held by a private third party. Nor does the ruling dispute that courts can weigh subpoenas against the president arising out of criminal prosecutions, as occurred during the Watergate era.

In dissent, Judge Judith Rogers stressed that the McGahn subpoena was relevant to Congress’s since-concluded impeachment inquiry. Rogers said Friday’s decision “assures future presidential stonewalling of Congress.”

“In the context of impeachment, when the accuracy and thoroughness of the investigation may well determine whether the president remains in office, the House’s need for information is at its zenith,” Rogers wrote.

Friday’s decision comes one month before the Supreme Court will decide whether Congress can enforce subpoenas for President Donald Trump’s financial records.

The decision can be appealed to the full D.C. Circuit or to the Supreme Court. The case is No. 19-5331 House Judiciary Committee v. Donald McGahn.

New Rasmussen Poll Shows Trump Beating Bernie By 7 Points In Head-to-Head Matchup

H/T Flag And Cross.

The old Commie is getting run over by the 2020 Trump Train.


Great news for the country…

For America to keep on winning, President Trump must remain in office. If implemented, Bernie Sanders’ policies would wreak havoc on the United States in what would most likely be an unprecedented fashion.

Based on a new poll from Rasmussen, conservatives’ fears can subside for now. Trump beats Bernie head-to-head. Here’s the scoop, via Breitbart:

President Trump beats Democrat-Socialist Bernie Sanders by 50 percent to 43 percent, according to a poll released Wednesday by Rasmussen Reports.


Rasmussen, one of the most accurate pollsters of the 2016 presidential election, surveyed 1,000 likely voters February 24-25. This poll has a margin of error of 3 points.

Trump will need every single vote he can get next November. That goes without saying, obviously.

But it’s even more true when Hollywood and the mainstream media continues to campaign hard against him.

Two major polls from November 2019 have released some stats that will have Democrats retreating to their safe spaces like nobody’s business.

It isn’t just good news for Trump, it’s great news for Trump.




African American support for President Trump:

Emerson: 34.5%
Rasmussen: 34%

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Rasmussen Reports


Our Twitter Follower Roee spotted this from the Emerson College poll just out.

It apparently indicates current Black Registered Voter Approval for @POTUS at 34.5%. 

Replying to @Rasmussen_Poll and 2 others

Emerson polled registered voters and they’re consistent

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This quick example should show every Democrat why it’s not okay to support the Democrat Socialist senator from Vermont in 2020.


Sam Stein


Wow. Bernie raised a ton in Q4: $34.5m. BUT… he spent $50M during that same time.

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Sam Stein


Wow. Bernie raised a ton in Q4: $34.5m. BUT… he spent $50M during that same time.

Sandy 〽️@RightGlockMom

This is a metaphor for how Bernie’s economic model for our nation would work.

(Isn’t it, @cvpayne 😉)

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Sam Stein


Wow. Bernie raised a ton in Q4: $34.5m. BUT… he spent $50M during that same time.

Charles Mulligan@CharlesMullig15

“Eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

See Charles Mulligan’s other Tweets

Dave Rubin


“Get money out of politics! Oh, and also can I have more money because I managed to lose 16 million in one quarter despite raising 35 million! But trust me to run the economy even though I’ve never run anything! Free college for everyone where we promise not to teach economics!” 

Harry Khachatrian


Socialism dot jpeg

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Dave Rubin


“Get money out of politics! Oh, and also can I have more money because I managed to lose 16 million in one quarter despite raising 35 million! But trust me to run the economy even though I’ve never run anything! Free college for everyone where we promise not to teach economics!” 

Harry Khachatrian


Socialism dot jpeg

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Scientific Socialist@SciSocialist

I’m a math teacher. Let me know if you need some tutoring.

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If Bernie somehow magically becomes president, he plans to categorically destroy the greatest nation that ever existed.

Piece by piece.

Day by day.

Jason Hopkins


Bernie released a comprehensive immigration platform today. Some of the highlights:

– dismantle ICE and CBP
– decriminalize illegal immigration
– stop all deportations
– accept 50,000 “climate migrants” in first year
– and much, much more 

Bernie’s New Immigration Proposal: Break Up ICE, Decriminalize Illegal Immigration, 50,000 ‘Climate…

Bernie Sanders unveiled his proposal to overhaul the Department of Homeland Security, pivoting himself to the far left on the issue of immigration enforcement.

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Joe Biden Under Probe in Ukraine Over Top Prosecutor’s Firing: Report

H/T Western Journal.

The chickens may be coming home to roost for Slow Joe The Gaff Machine Biden.

On the eve of the South Carolina primary that is viewed as crucial to the presidential candidacy of former Vice President Joe Biden, a new report has revealed that Ukraine is opening an investigation into his conduct in 2016, when he played a role in the dismissal of a Ukrainian prosecutor.

Government investigators have been ordered by a Ukrainian court to investigate the firing of Viktor Shokin as prosecutor general, according to The Washington Post.

Shokin’s dismissal is at the heart of claims by President Donald Trump that Biden, vice president at the time, acted inappropriately in calling for the ouster of Shokin, who was investigating a Ukrainian energy company called Burisma on whose board Biden’s son Hunter served.

Trump raised the issue during a July 25 phone call with President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine.

The conversation between the two leaders in which Trump urged an investigation into corruption triggered an impeachment inquiry that eventually resulted in Trump being acquitted of two articles brought against him by House Democrats.

Biden has also faced scrutiny over his actions, with calls for investigations stalking his campaign and — with this announcement — likely to flare up as the Democratic presidential primaries move into the Super Tuesday contests next week.

Senator Ted Cruz


Every day there is more and more evidence of corruption. The Senate should open an investigation into the Bidens’ deeply concerning activities with Burisma in Ukraine. 

Emails: Burisma Consultant Linked To Hunter Biden Approached Top State Department Official To…

A Democratic consultant working for Burisma Holdings approached State Department official Tony Blinken to arrange a meeting to discuss “troubling events” in Ukraine.

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Rudy W. Giuliani


SBI opens case on Biden’s pressure on Shokin – lawyer. If you subscribe to  you will see how strong a case it is. And you can see the witnesses, documents and evidence. 

SBI opens case on Biden’s pressure on Shokin – lawyer

KYIV. Feb 27 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The State Bureau of Investigations (SBI) has registered a criminal case on pressure from former U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden on former Prosecutor General of…

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Rudy Giuliani, now Trump’s personal attorney, has said that his investigations into the former vice president’s activities in Ukraine have revealed a pattern of wrongdoing.

Rudy W. Giuliani



No wonder there was only deterioration & growing corruption in Ukraine under Obama’s admin.

While Biden was POINT MAN, the Audit Chamber revealed in 2017 that $5.3 BILLION was unaccounted for, and the Obama US embassy made sure it was never investigated.

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Biden has never denied calling for Shokin’s ouster, and in fact bragged about it publicly in 2018, but has painted himself as part of an international coalition of partners, including the European Union and the International Monetary Fund, who wanted Shokin fired.

“I said, ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money,’” Biden quoted himself as saying to the Ukrainians.

Oleksandr Teleshetsky, Shokin’s lawyer, said the former prosecutor general had appealed for a review of his case. The Ukrainian court to which he appealed ordered that the investigation be undertaken. The Post reported that Ukraine’s State Bureau of Investigations confirmed a case had been opened.

Shokin has claimed his dismissal in 2016 was unfair.

“They need to investigate this. They have no other alternative. They are required to do this by the decision of the court. If they don’t, then they violate a whole string of procedural norms,” Teleshetsky said.

In October, current Ukrainian prosecutor general Ruslan Ryaboshapka said a review of past cases related to Burisma would be conducted.

“We are now reviewing all proceedings that were closed, fragmented or investigated earlier, in order to make a decision in cases where illegal procedural decisions were made and to review them,” Ryaboshapka said.

Joe Biden: The Second Amendment Is Not ‘Absolute’

H/T  Breitbart.

Th wording of the Second Amendment sounds absolute to me.

During a Wednesday night CNN town hall, Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden stressed the Second Amendment is not “absolute.”

He made this point by contending, “no amendment is absolute.” He then argued limitations on First and Second Amendments in particular, citing curtailments on speech and firearms.

Breitbart News quoted Biden saying, “From the very beginning, the Founders said, ‘Not everyone is able to have a gun and you can’t have any weapon you want.’” He did not point a document in which actually showed the Founders making such a statement.

He followed that statement by taking to social media:

Joe Biden (Text Join to 30330)


I taught constitutional law for a long time and here’s the deal: No amendment is absolute. There are limits.

Common-sense reforms like background checks and a ban on assault weapons are not a violation of the Second Amendment. Period.

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During a Monday night campaign speech Biden assured firearm manufacturers he was gunning for them, making clear he wants to open them up to lawsuits over the criminal misuse of their products. Breitbart News reported Biden referenced gun manufacturers and said, “I’m going to take you down.”

Universal Background Check, Other Gun Bills Pass VA Senate

H/T Bearing Arms.

How much more damage will Gov.Ralph”Blackface” Northam(Delusional-VA)and the gun-grabbers do in the Old Dominion?

The Virginia Senate approved several gun control bills, including universal background checks and measures weakening the state’s firearm preemption laws Wednesday afternoon, bringing the bills one step closer to Gov. Ralph Northam’s desk for his expected signature.

Here’s a rundown of what passed, and where we stand.

HB2, a universal background check bill, passed 23-17 with two Republicans joining every Democrat in support of the bill. The legislation was amended in a Senate committee to apply only to sales of firearms instead of sales and transfers, and violators would face a 1st degree misdemeanor charge.

HB9, a lost and stolen firearms bill, was amended to extend the time gun owners have to report lost or stolen firearms to police from 24 to 48 hours. The bill actually tied 20-20, but Lt. Gov Justin Fairfax cast a tie breaking vote and it passed 21-20.

HB264, which removes the ability for online training for Virginia concealed carry licenses, passed 21-19. The bill was amended in the state Senate Judiciary Committee to re-insert language about NRA-approved training courses that had been stripped by the House of Delegates.

HB421, which would allow local governments to ban lawfully carried firearms in government owned buildings, parks, and several other areas, passed the state Senate by a 22-18 margin, with Republican Senator Tommy Norment voting for the measure.

HB1083 passed the Senate with a Republican crossover as well. This bill would make it a class 1 misdemeanor to “recklessly” allow a minor 14-years or younger access to a firearm. The Senate version of this bill actually died on the floor of the Senate when two Democrats voted against the measure, but the House version was amended to lower the age from 18 to 14, and to lower the penalty as well, which was enough to bring Democrats like Chap Petersen and Lynwood Lewis on board, as well as Republican Siobhan Dunnavant.

The Senate also agreed to go to a conference committee with the House on two other bills; SB263 and SB593. The first bill is the Senate version of HB264, mentioned above, and the House and Senate members are ultimately going to have to come to some sort of deal regarding the language mentioning NRA-approved training courses as evidence of competency for a concealed handgun license. Del. Dan Helmer, who also introduced a bill that would have shut down the NRA’s range, is insisting that NRA-approved courses not be allowed, but so far the state Senate hasn’t budged on the issue. If the language is removed, it’s going to become a lot harder to find instructors who can conduct the necessary training, and that in turn will have a huge impact on the right to carry in the state.

SB593 is a bill dealing storage of firearms in daycares. The House version incorporated unlicensed daycares in its legislation, while the Senate version only deals with licensed daycares. The two sides will try to hammer out an agreement behind closed doors before bringing the bills out for votes on the House and Senate floors.

The Senate also set aside two bills for the day; HB812, which imposes a one-gun-a-month ration on handgun purchases and HB674, a “red flag” firearms seizure bill. There’s still disagreement between the House and Senate over whether or not concealed carry holders should be exempt from the one-gun-a-month law (Senate says yes, the House says no), so I’m not particularly surprised to see that bill carried over for the day while negotiations continue.

It is, however, surprising to see that the red flag bill wasn’t voted on, given that Democrats said they had reached a deal a couple of days ago. I’m not sure why the bill didn’t come up for a vote today, but I expect it will ultimately pass out of the Senate on Thursday or Friday.

None of these measures are going to do anything to actually improve public safety, prevent violent crimes, address our mental health crisis, or protect children. What they’ll do is restrict and infringe on the constitutional rights of Virginians. They’ll also allow anti-gun politicians to claim they did “something” about gun violence. Oh, and Bloomberg can brag about buying another legislative body to get his way.

It looks like Ralph Northam, meanwhile, is going to get to sign almost every piece of his gun control agenda, minus his gun, magazine, and suppressor ban. The legislative fight over Virginia’s gun control laws is almost over for this session, but the legal fight is just beginning. Expect the battle to turn to the courts before the ink is even dry on Northam’s signatures on these bills.

Kansas Lawmaker Propose.“Privilege” Tax On Guns, Ammo

H/T Bearing Arms.

Kansas is a very pro-gun state. In fact, they don’t really get the credit they deserve for just how pro-gun they really are. Hell, the entire state is a Second Amendment sanctuary and has been so since before the current sanctuary push. They’re not fans of gun control, by and large.

That doesn’t mean some folks aren’t, though. Oh no, the state has its share of anti-gun zealots as well.

In fact, at least one got elected to public office in the state and is trying to push a rather insane measure.

Rep. Jerry Stogsdill (D-Prairie Village) introduced a bill in the Kansas legislature that would impose a 5% privilege tax on the sale of guns and ammunition in the state. Law enforcement and the military would be exempt.

HB2635 says revenue from the new tax would be used for mental health services: “There is hereby established the residential mental health treatment fund in the state treasury. The secretary of the Kansas department for aging and disability services shall administer the residential mental health treatment fund. Moneys credited to the residential mental health treatment fund shall only be expended or transferred for providing residential mental health treatment. Expenditures from such fund shall be made in accordance with appropriation acts upon warrants of the director of accounts and reports issued pursuant to vouchers approved by the secretary of the Kansas department for aging and disability services, or the secretary’s designee,” the bill reads.

So he wants to tax guns and ammo in order to pay for mental health treatment.

Of course, there’s a reason he’s doing this. You see, Stogsdill probably understands that people see taxes on something to pay for something else usually means those things are linked. Taxes on cigarettes in order to help pay for anti-smoking advertisements, for example, or using a gas tax to help pay for road maintenance.

He’s trying to link the idea of guns and mental illness, in part as a way of dissuading people from becoming gun owners.

It wasn’t the only anti-gun measure Stogsdill is trying to push, either. As my good friend Patrick Richardson also notes:

Stogsdill introduced another bill, HB2636, that would make “possessing, manufacturing, causing to be manufactured, selling, offering for sale, lending, purchasing or giving away any large-capacity ammunition magazine designed for use with a handgun whether the person knows or has reason to know the size of the magazine,” criminal use of a weapon.

What constitutes a “large capacity magazine” is not defined other than, “‘Large capacity ammunition magazine’ means an ammunition feeding device that physically extends below the bottom of the grip of a handgun when fully seated into such handgun.”

Honestly, that’s the dumbest definition I’ve yet seen. An extended magazine for a subcompact firearm may only hold seven or eight rounds while a standard capacity magazine for a Glock 19 is 15 rounds, yet guess which one would be banned under Stogsdill’s plan?

There is a silver lining, though.

In Kansas, there’s not a hope in hell of either of these measures even making it out of committee, much less passing to become law in the state. Still, it’s important to make note of these proposals.

Stogsdill knows they won’t pass. However, he can use these bills as a way to gauge gun control support in the legislature and, by extension, the state. That’s why it’s important that these proposals get slapped down and slapped down hard.

Luckily, I don’t think that will be a problem.

Republicans Celebrate After Special Election Flips Kentucky Seat Held by Democrats for 33 Years

H/T Western Journal.

Is this any indication of Republican victories to come in the fall?

A Kentucky Republican flipped a longtime blue state House seat red in a special election on Tuesday.

Preliminary results in House District 99 showed Republican Richard White defeating Democrat Bill Redwine by around 1,000 votes, the Courier-Journal reported.


“BIG WIN in Kentucky House District 99,” McDaniel tweeted. “It’s a district Democrats held for 33 YEARS, where Democrats outnumber Republicans by double digits, and one the Democrat governor carried in 2019. But tonight, Republicans flipped the seat!”

Ronna McDaniel


BIG WIN in Kentucky House District 99.

It’s a district Democrats held for 33 YEARS, where Democrats outnumber Republicans by double digits, and one the Democrat governor carried in 2019.

But tonight, Republicans flipped the seat!

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TRENDING: CNN and MSNBC Air Bloomberg Ad with 9/11 Lie, Don’t Bother Calling It Fake News

“Big Story, Big Win – Except in the Fake News, which won’t cover it!” Trump tweeted

Donald J. Trump


Big Story, Big Win – Except in the Fake News, which won’t cover it! 

Ronna McDaniel


BIG WIN in Kentucky House District 99.

It’s a district Democrats held for 33 YEARS, where Democrats outnumber Republicans by double digits, and one the Democrat governor carried in 2019.

But tonight, Republicans flipped the seat!

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Chairman Mac Brown of the Republican Party of Kentucky also congratulated White on the “historic victory.”

“After Democrat Rocky Adkins held this district since the 1980s, Kentucky Republicans can be justly proud of all Richard White and our grassroots team did to flip this seat to GOP control,” Brown said in a statement.

“Tonight’s groundbreaking results should put Democrats on notice all across the state. Kentucky voters want leaders who support President Trump. Our strong slate of candidates all across the state are well-positioned to even further expand our GOP legislative supermajorities in November.”

Rowan Republicans@RowanGOPParty

Congratulations to Richard White on his victory in today’s Special election to become the State Representative for District 99. He defeated his Democratic opponent by approximately 1019 votes to fill the unexpired term of Democrat Rocky Adkins; who vacated the seat.

View image on Twitter
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Secretary of State Michael Adams announced the unofficial results of the special elections in both House Districts 67 and 99 after the polls closed Tuesday night.

Both House seats have been vacant after the two veteran lawmakers who held them joined Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear’s administration, The Associated Press reported.

In District 67, Democrat Rachel Roberts defeated Republican Mary Jo Wedding, and the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee celebrated the win in a “Trump district.”

“In deep-red Kentucky, Roberts defended a seat that broke for Trump in 2016,” Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post said in a statement. “Democrats can and will compete everywhere heading into the 2020 election.”

The House Democratic Caucus leadership also addressed the special election results in both districts in a statement.

“Congratulations to Rachel Roberts on her hard-fought victory and we look forward to her joining our caucus,” Leader Joni Jenkins, caucus chair Derrick Graham and caucus whip Angie Hatton said.

“We also want to thank Bill Redwine for running a strong campaign during a special election that was especially tough during these winter months. With these elections now behind us, our caucus is once again focused on fighting for a vision that benefits all of us and not just some of us, both in the remaining days of the legislative session and in the months ahead.”

Both victories are short term because Roberts and White will have to run again in November, as the special elections only covered the remainder of the 2020 legislative session.

Gun Control is the Modern Temperance Movement

H/T The Truth About Guns.

I have never considered the connection between the two.

100 years after Prohibition, it’s still a doomed proposition

There is an uncanny parallel between anti-gun rights groups like Moms Demand Action, which continually seeks more ineffective gun control laws, and the infamous women of the temperance movement, which brought about the failed experiment of Prohibition.

In 1920, Prohibition outlawed the sale, manufacturing and transport of intoxicating beverages enjoyed by most of the population. Women led the charge for temperance reform starting in the 1800’s. The women who campaigned for Prohibition focused on men’s alcohol abuse and proclaimed that it harmed women, children and families.

Stories of women using hatchets, rocks and axes to break whisky bottles in saloons painted a visual of sometimes radical and extreme tactics.

Moms Demand Action and similar groups irrationally claim that guns and Second Amendment-guaranteed rights are the cause of mass murders and violent crime. These anti-rights groups insist more gun control is the necessary solution. Gun control advocates ignore the multitude of existing, ineffective gun control laws, yet clamor for still more. Their appetite for restrictions on gun rights is insatiable.

Coyly, anti-rights gun control fanatics claim they are not interested in banning all guns-after all, they purport to be for “common sense” gun control. However, no one is buying it. We know that they will not stop until every last firearm is banned, and the Constitution is torn to pieces.

This incremental shift is not novel; it is actually quite familiar. As Melissa Strong wrote in Women and the Temperance Movement . . .

At first, the temperance movement sought to moderate drinking, then to promote resisting the temptation to drink. Later, the goal became outright prohibition of alcohol sales.

The women of the temperance movement, sought to vilify and criminalize a lawful activity. There were instances of alcohol abuse, of course, yet it was a failed route of reform to insist on a ban of alcohol for everyone.

We all know it missed the mark. The results of Prohibition are well known. Organized crime flourished, “gun violence” soared, and the 18th Amendment was ultimately repealed Dec. 5, 1933, via the 21st Amendment.

Just as the temperance reformers wanted to force their ban on everyone, anti-gun advocates want to turn lawful firearm ownership into criminals. The anti-rights types, of course, ignore the thousands of instances in which firearms have been used in defensive situations. They likewise ignore the ubiquitous mental health issues of those behind mass murder sprees, as well as facts such as the reality that more children drown in pools annually than die by firearm.

Whether you focus on the inanimate bottle of whiskey, or a scary looking firearm, they will fail to change human behavior. They will fail to effectuate the change desired.

Just as Prohibition was a failed American experiment, gun control efforts will also continue to be a failure. The ‘good guys’ with guns are coalescing, like giants awakening from their slumber ready to stop the likes of Mom Demand Action and Everytown.

Undeniably, Second Amendment sanctuaries are cropping up all across the country, and Virginia gun owners have beaten back some recent attacks by leftist gun grabbers.

Anti-gun prohibitionists should take a lesson from the failure of alcohol Prohibition 100 years ago. The nation’s population of lawful gun owners is not going to divest itself of their legally-obtained firearms or forgo their Second Amendment rights simply to make you feel safer, or because you insist on it.