You want it done? Don’t let the federal government get involved at any level

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

February 12, 2020

Unlike most in Hollywood, Kevin Costner puts his money where his mouth is, but in his case all would agree for a worthy cause.

Of course the government failed to see it that way.

Kevin Costner oil spill cleanup idea interests BP

Film star Kevin Costner and his scientist brother are promoting a new technology they say could separate oil from water as part of the effort to clean up the oil spill in the Gulf. BP officials agree to test the system.

Image result for images, kevin costner's oil spill machine

Christian Science Monitor

May 20, 2010

By Mark Guarino

Kevin Costner is joining the ranks of scientists, engineers, and lawmakers in an international effort to figure out how to contain and clean up oil streaming into the Gulf of Mexico at the rate of 210,000 gallons a day.

Mr. Costner appeared in New Orleans last week to demonstrate a $24…

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