How Do We End the Constant Fight, for Our 2nd Amendment Civil Right?

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The Short Answer:

  1. Pass Federal law to remove State power over Civil Rights. The law would function to safeguard the Bill of Rights from both the Federal and State governments. The law would insure that every American Citizen has Equal Rights in all 50 States. Crossing a State border should not alter anyone’s Civil Rights. This would address the root of the problem, while what we’ve been doing – fighting one single gun law at a time – has resulted in a permanent game of Whack-A-Mole. Therefore, removing the government’s ABILITY to create anti-Civil Rights laws would remedy the core problem. Both State and Federal law should only serve to safeguard the Bill of Rights. The goal here is not to affect the rights States have to pass other types of laws.
  2. Push politicians to work on reducing the size of the government in total and thereby reducing taxes. Currently, middle class working homeowners pay over 50% of their income in taxes, registrations, and fees. We are now working for the government, rather than it working for us. I believe this is the underlying reason behind the government’s coordinated legal and media attack on our Civil Right to Bear Arms and our Freedom of Speech.
  3. Redefine the government’s purpose/function to better serve the people. What do we need the government to do FOR us? Regarding Civil Rights, their only function should be to safeguard them. The constant fight for our own Civil Rights against a government we finance needs to end. We pay the government in taxes, we pay rights organizations and attorneys to fight it – so essentially we’re paying to fight ourselves.
  4. If all else fails – do what they’ve been doing, what Bloomberg does – BUY Politicians, Judges, and District Attorneys. If you have the finances to pay off these people, they will pass whatever laws you’d like. This is actually the way it works. For us to pretend otherwise with all we’ve seen, is pure naivety. If Bloomberg wanted pro-2nd Amendment laws, he’d have them.

Notes on these proposed solutions: In proposing these solutions, I am trying to think outside of the box that has been drawn for us. We’ve been told to wait, to vote, to plea and beg, and to depend on gun organizations for solutions. Doing all that, we’ve been incrementally losing our rights and have come to the point where we have more gun laws than any reasonable person can be expected to know.

I believe a new approach is required, and that we must be flexible in our thinking.

This page will keep evolving and if anyone ever has anything deeper or better to add to this short list – please send me an email and I will modify these thoughts to reflect the best possible approach. We need a new roadmap to secure our rights, that much I know for sure.

Yvette Bronx lays out the perspective from which we should view our government, and from which it should view us, during a Virginia 2nd Amendment Sanctuary hearing.
For Longer Discussion and More Thought on this, Continue Here…
  1. The US Constitution does not protect our rights. This is evidenced by the fact that State governments have already passed laws that severely curtail or all together remove 2nd Amendment rights. Residents of CA, HI, NY, NJ, IL, MA, MD, & CT are clearly experiencing a curtailment or deletion of rights through various laws.
  2. The structure of the Judicial system creates an imbalance of power in the government’s favor regarding passage of State laws that effect 2nd Amendment rights. State governments can swiftly pass laws which curtail civil rights; however for taxpayers to contest such laws, places an enormous burden of time and financial expenditure on taxpayers. Lack of a path for the people to address legal issues, specifically those related to Civil Rights, in both a timely and cost effective manner; arguably places an unjust burden upon the people.  An expedient and cost effective approach are unavailable.
  3. Police are not bearing their burden of the responsibility to uphold the U.S. Constitution. By passing laws that directly violate the 2nd Amendment, a basic civil right, State governments are placing law enforcement in the precarious position of having to decide between upholding an unjust law or questioning it according to the oath they took. Thus far, the majority police are choosing the former, with a handful of sheriffs in rural/suburban areas speaking out and stating that they will not enforce laws that undermine civil rights. Police have an obligation to uphold the U.S. Constitution and many are ignoring it.
  4. Single Issue Voting. The fact that the 2nd Amendment is being used by politicians as a polarizing talking point is giving rise to many single issue voters.  I am one of them.  I may not share a candidate’s overall views, but I would never vote for a candidate that is anti-2nd Amendment.  Why?  Because I and many other people, do not consider the 2nd Amendment to be a single issue.  We consider it to be the freedom upon which every other Civil Right rests. This also works in reverse, many people will not vote for PRO-2nd Amendment politicians, regardless of how good their other positions may be.  It is unfair to society that their very rights are being used as bargaining chips.  Civil Rights should be carved in stone.
  5. Incrementalism: This is the technique that politicians are using to slowly strip the American gun owner of every firearm he or she owns. Politicians package their legislation as “common sense”, and through the use of “feel good” laws they purport to “solve” problems that truly don’t exist. This is so politicians can tell their constituents that they “did” something without actually doing anything.
  6. Gun Rights Organizations.  What???  How can gun rights organizations be part of our problem? Gun rights organizations work in a manner that is uncoordinated, divided, and greatly dispersed.  Their techniques for reaching people are outdated as they do not use modern/aggressive marketing and advertising techniques, and all too often they appeal only to middle aged and older white males.  It is important to realize that we are up against Bloomberg money.  He is a multi-billionaire, a strong leader, and a businessman.  He finances organizations who do conduct coordinated attacks on the 2nd Amendment such as EVERYTOWN for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action.  Visit their websites, see what we need to match.

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