Do Foreign Governments Threaten Your Right to Arms?



“The 1st Amendment protects the 2nd Amendment”
Forced to “shelter-in-place,” Americans can’t assemble, plan, talk
Chinese communists deny it, blame us, First and Second Amendments at dire risk

Armed Americans like to say, “The Second Amendment protects the rest,” but now we’re learning the First Amendment equally protects our right to arms. Without the right to assemble, the National Rifle Association Annual Meeting has been cancelled. Just shy of 100,000 gun activists are denied the right to assemble, talk politics, livestream, plan for elections, and work to preserve the right to arms.

The Chinese Wuhan coronavirus shuts down gun shows completely. That’s fine–from a gun-averse hoplophobic or government perspective. The BATFE’s much vaunted NICS gun-control system can only stop gun show sales, like a switch, as JPFO’s founder Aaron Zelman strenuously warned. Now, even gathering stops dead, cutting the talk and activism that was a main gun-show concern of government czars and left-wing politicos. Fortunately, ironic fairness leaves everyone equally burdened by the Wuhan-originated virus. Communists’ measured failure to act has shorted-circuited our Bill of Rights.

‘By delaying release of information they had, and letting Wuhan residents circulate, the communist dictators ruling China did put the entire planet at risk. No outsider can assert it was deliberate, or that they could see it would give them tremendous power and an upper hand with this terrible disease, which we all now experience,” according to Alan Korwin, a widely published columnist, author and consultant to JPFO. “Under Mao’s reign, that nation thought nothing of sacrificing tens of millions of their own people to advance a cause. His face still adorns their money and walls. The deaths they suffered in this debacle are not part of their big picture. You could argue this isn’t so, hurl epithets at JPFO or insist the great communist monolith is not what it is, or you can get woke at last. Either way, now we’re simply in dire medical, financial, civil rights, manufacturing and supply-chain trouble from a single source, in serious need of brainwashing detergent. At least we still make guns here, and those remain a substantial bulwark against civil unrest if deprivation turns to panic and violence.”

Author: deplorablesunite

I am a divorced father of two daughters. I am a Deplorable.

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