Franklin Graham on Canada Massacre: Gun Laws Do Not Stop Criminals

H/T Breitbart.

Franklin Graham is 100% correct with his observations.

Criminals do not follow the law.

Rev. Franklin Graham reacted to the weekend shootings in Nova Scotia by stressing that gun laws do not stop criminals and do not prevent evil actions.

ABC News reported that 16 people were killed in the attacks, including a police officer.


The suspect is believed to have impersonated an officer during the attacks. USA Today noted that the suspect allegedly “donned a police uniform and drove around in what appeared to be a police cruiser as he set fires to homes and went on a gun rampage starting in the small, rural town of Portapique in Nova Scotia.”

The attack occurred during a 12-hours time frame.

Rev. Graham responded by highlighting the impotency of strict gun control in general and the gun controls in Canada specifically:

The University of Sydney’s lists Canada’s gun control as “restrictive,” noting gun ownership is only legal for individuals licensed to possess guns. The process for acquiring the license includes an extensive background check, including criminal and mental health factors, as well as third party references and spousal interviews.

Moreover, “licensed firearm dealers are required to keep a record of each firearm or ammunition purchase, sale or transfer on behalf of a regulating authority” and licensed gun owners are required, by law, to store their firearms and ammunition only in certain ways.


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