Texas Set To Allow Stay-At-Home Order To Expire, Businesses To Reopen Friday With Limited Capacity

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Bravo, Governor Greg Abbott(R-TX) for allowing his state to reopen.

As the push for states to reopen their economies continues, more and more governors, particularly Republican ones, are opting to let stay-at-home orders expire and provide opportunities for people to start trying to get back to living normal life, if such a thing is possible at this point.

One such individuals is Texas Gov. Greg Abbott who has announced the state of Texas will not be extending the stay-at-home order, allowing businesses to reopen with limited capacity this Friday.

Here’s more from The Washington Examiner:

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“My executive order to stay at home that was issued last month is set to expire on April 30. That executive order has done its job to slow the growth of COVID-19, and I will let it expire as scheduled,” Abbott said during a press conference on Monday. “Now, it’s time to set a new course. A course that responsibly opens up businesses in Texas.”

He continued, “We will do that in a way that uses safe standards. Safe standards for businesses, for their employees as well as for their customers. Standards based upon data and on doctors.”

Abbott stated that he would be allowing businesses to open their doors on Friday, starting with retail stores, theaters, and shopping malls. However, they will only be allowed to have 25 percent capacity so they can still abide by the social distancing guidelines and hopefully keep down the spread of the coronavirus.

Libraries and museums will also be open back up to the public, though no hands-on exhibits will be allowed.

Gov. Abbott said that this is the state’s phase one of reopening and noted that capacity restrictions will be gradually lifted.

“There’s a reason that all businesses in Texas cannot open all at once,” the governor said. “We’ve already seen precautionary tales of what can happen when things reopen. There have been reports that China is now having new outbreaks. Singapore is having a second wave that is bigger than its first wave. There’s coronavirus expansion in places like Hong Kong and Japan.”

Abbott continued, “The deal is that it’s a fact that it’s hard to get rid of this virus because it is so contagious. So, we’re not just going to open up and hope for the best. Instead, we will put measures in place that will help businesses open while also containing the virus and keeping Texans safe.”

This is fantastic news and is no doubt lifting the spirits of many small business owners in the state who have been eager to see their doors back open so they can put food on the table at home.

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