Alaskan Armed Citizen Saves Officers, Foils Mass Shooting

H/T Breitbart.

You will see very little if anything about this armed citizen saving lives mentioned in the drive-by media.

An armed citizen in Kwethluk, Alaska, intervened on behalf of officers and foiled a mass shooting at the village’s public safety building.

Alaska Public Radio reported that 19-year-old Brian Nicolai allegedly broke into the building, “staged rifles inside, and activated the fire alert system.” He then waited for police to arrive.

Officer Tiger Lee arrived on scene and reported that Nicolai pointed and gun at him and “pulled the trigger.” However, the gun did not fire because Nicolai had not loaded the gun.

Nicolai chambered a round and Lee fled under fire.

Casey Thompson, a resident, then intervened. Thompson pointed his personal rifle at Nicolai and demanded he end the attack. Nicolai complied by dropping his weapon.

Bearing Arms reported that Lee and his fellow officers were unarmed as they responded to the call.



A man with several guns entered a public building, pulled the alarm & shot an UNARMED village police officer.

Apparently, these police officers don’t carry b/c they “can’t afford to be sued.”

Luckily, an ARMED citizen intervened and stopped the shooter. 

Alaskan Armed Citizen Thwarts Potential Mass Shooting

The gun owner was able to convince the attacker to drop his weapon without having to fire a shot of his own.

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The Kwethluk officers explained that they work unarmed due to “a lack of funding.”

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