Husband in 70s Shoots, Kills Suspect to Stop Attack on Wife

H/T Breitbart.

This story could have had a tragic needing if this woman’s husband had been unarmed.

Florida’s Bay County Sheriff’s Office (BSCO) indicates a husband in his 70s intervened to stop an attack on his wife Tuesday by shooting and killing an intrusion suspect.

Fox News reported that the incident occurred in Panama City just after 6 a.m.

The BCSO used a Facebook post to explain that the husband was outside when the man allegedly approached the home. The man, 31-year-old Nathan Jerrell Edwards, “was screaming and swearing, and, according to witnesses, acting very aggressively and erratically.”

BCSO noted that Edwards “walked down the husband’s driveway and approached the husband in a threatening manner.”

The husband went inside to avoid Edwards, but Edwards allegedly followed and forced his way into the home by breaking through a glass front door. He then allegedly attacked the wife of the home, knocking her to the ground then “beating her about the head.”

The husband retrieved a handgun and shot Edwards multiple times, killing him.

The wife was transported to a hospital to have her injuries treated.

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