Michigan Bust Shows Why Gun Control Fails

H/T Bearing Arms.

Another example of how gun control fails every time.

Time and time again, anti-gunners try to tell us that gun control works. They tout countless flawed studies that show correlations, but not causation. We tend to counter with other studies that show the opposite, particularly how guns save lives.

Yet, at the end of the day, the truth is that gun control would never work, even if guns didn’t save more lives. Why? Because the people who represent the problem when it comes to guns simply don’t care about gun laws. Or any laws, for that matter.

Take this Detroit drug bust.

A trio of search warrants served by a police task force in Troy and Detroit uncovered a stash of drugs, guns and cash.

[Michigan State Police] said it was part of an ongoing investigation by MNET — a multi-jurisdictional task force consisting of state, local and federal law enforcement agencies — into a group trafficking prescription pills in metro Detroit.

Seized today, police said, were two AR-15 pistols, one AK pistol and two semi-automatic pistol. Officers also seized body armor, thousands of prescription pills and $99,000.

Now, for many, this is alarming because of the presence of two AR-15 pistols and an AK pistol.

However, it also illustrates the futility of gun control


Well, take a look at what else was found. Yes, there were a couple of handguns, some body armor, and a pile of cash. Also was a lot of prescription pills.

Now, medication is tightly controlled in this country. You can’t just walk into a store and order prescription pills. You have to get permission in the form of a prescription from someone licensed to write them. Doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, or whoever with the appropriate permissions has to say, “Yes, these people actually need these medications.”

Then, depending on the medication, there may be limits on how many can be given at a time. I spent six months of training time in the Navy learning this stuff during a “C” school, so I know what I’m talking about here. The drugs most likely to be abused can’t be prescribed for more than a month’s supply and there can’t be any refills.

Inside the pharmacy, these particular meds also tightly controlled. Each pill has to be accounted for or else someone faces jail time. They don’t play around with controlled substances.

Further, prescription medications can’t easily be made in backyard workshops. It takes a great deal of specific knowledge to make pharmaceuticals, something your average person doesn’t have. I went through a whole class on how to compound medications and even then, I wouldn’t have been up to trying to replicate controlled substances in pill form

So, with all of this, just how did these individuals get their hands on thousands of controlled pills?

If you can answer that, then you also know how these same people will get their hands on firearms no matter what laws you try to put in place.

You’re not going to stop bad people from getting guns. You’re just going to stop the good people from being able to do so. That puts them at the mercy of the criminal, and no one wants to be there.

Author: deplorablesunite

I am a divorced father of two daughters. I am a proud Deplorable.

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