When You Think You’ve Seen It All: Teen Tries Robbing Store With His Feet

H/T Concealed Nation.

This kid was lucky he did not get shot.

A 19-year-old, who police say is confined to a wheelchair due to cerebral palsy, tried robbing a watch store on Monday in Brazil.

The incident was captured on store surveillance video (below), and shows the teen holding up a gun with his feet during the attempted robbery.

The astonishing incident unfolded Monday afternoon at a shop in Canela, Rio Grande de Sul, when the 19-year-old placed a handwritten note above the counter with his feet.

The suspect, whom authorities said has cerebral palsy and does not have movement of his hands, warned the shopkeeper, ‘hand over everything. Don’t raise attention.’

via dailymail

The video of the incident can be viewed below:

A knife was also found with the teen, along with a fake gun. His family was called to the police station to help with their interrogation, due to his disability. He was then released.

Knife, fake gun and note seized by police.

A customer inside the store seems to walk away from the teen, but does not attempt to flee or seem to be in any fear for their life.

Which begs the question: Try to put yourself in this store while things are going down. As an armed citizen, how do you feel you would react? It’s not an everyday situation, that’s for sure, and may even require a second look. “Is he holding a gun with his feet? Is it real? If it is, can he shoot it?”

City delegate Vladimir Medeiros initiated an investigation into the failed robbery:

‘It must be considered that, given the elements initially brought to the police station, it would possibly be an impossible crime to be consummated, especially if you considered the physical condition of the [person being] investigated, also due to the unlikelihood of escape,’ Medeiros said.

I’m not saying that someone with a physical condition is more limited than someone without by any means. Here is a perfect example:

A threat is still a threat, however, and it’d be up to the armed citizen after assessing the situation they’re in. Every scenario is different, and this one just happens to come in such a fashion that we haven’t seen until today.

It’s a crazy scenario, but nonetheless it happened.

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