Pelosi Joins the Mob, Calls for 11 DC Statues To Fall

H/T Western Journal.

When Dingy Harry Reid or Little Chuckie Schumer ran the Senate why not remove these 11 statues then?

The radical leftist movement that has toppled statues across America has gained a major ally in our nation’s capital.

In a Wednesday letter, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said there are 11 statues currently standing in the U.S. Capitol Building that she wants removed.

“Currently,” Pelosi wrote, “11 statues representing Confederate soldiers and officials are on display as part of the National Statuary Hall collection in the United State Capitol.

“Among these 11 are Jefferson Davis and Alexander Stephens, President and Vice President of the Confederate State of America, respectively,” the speaker continued, “both of whom were charged with treason against the United States.”

The letter — addressed to the Joint Committee on the Library’s chairman, Missouri Republican Sen. Roy Blunt, and vice chairperson, California Democratic Rep. Zoe Lofgren — demands that all 11 of the statues be removed from their present locations.

According to Pelosi, the men memorialized in the monuments “advocated cruelty and barbarism,” and their statues don’t belong in the Capitol.

As ABC News reported, each state sends two statues to be on display as part of the Capitol Building collection, and state legislatures can vote to replace them.

While the House speaker expressed support all the way back in August 2017 for federal legislation that would remove Confederate statues from the Capitol, this is a considerably more direct demand.

The move seemingly comes not from Pelosi’s own convictions, but as a response to the mobs targeting statues in the United States. Memorials to Christopher Columbus and figures central to American history have been razed by the violent crowds since the death of George Floyd sparked nationwide protests and, in many cases, riots.

In other words, this isn’t leadership. It’s reactionary cowardice.

The greatest nations to ever exist on the planet have memorialized their greatest enemies in one form or another. This wasn’t to celebrate these seemingly evil figures, but to remember times of peril that ended in triumph.

This can be seen as far back as the ancient Roman Republic, where the people of the Eternal City memorialized the Carthaginian general Hannibal Barca in literature and reportedly even with statues.

Although he was a state enemy who brought an invading army virtually to the front gates of the city, the victorious Romans remembered the man who almost ended the city’s time in the sun.

Some of these accounts and figures still exist more than 2,000 years later.

This reverence, like that for Jefferson Davis and other Confederate leaders, is not to celebrate the death and destruction these figures left in their wake, but to remember adversaries who left unmistakable marks on nations.

At the end of the day, these statues are just pieces of metal, but they stand to represent unforgettable figures in American history.

Whether the physical monuments are pulled down or left up, it will never change the mistakes of the past. As the nation grows more divided by the day, it’s time to remember our shared heritage as Americans — not tear it down.

Author: deplorablesunite

I am a divorced father of two daughters. I am a Deplorable.

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