JPFO says you misspelled: “DEFEND POLICE”!

Holocaust survivor speaks out

Jews Know Better than Anyone Values of Police

Police can be agents of fascist states, like WWII Germany—that is not U.S. in 2020
Only mindless lemmings would follow “eliminate-police” school of thoughtlessness
Media’s support and encouragement of left-wing anarchy is obvious, deplorable
Deliberate efforts of America’s enemies is making situation worse

Few groups in history have suffered at the hands of police worse than Jewish People. While perpetrators of institutional government injustice can be police, that is clearly not what we have in America at this point in time. Shame on news media and certain elected officials attempting to make it look that way. America needs its police. “Police officers are not Nazi storm troopers because they wear uniforms and carry firearms,” says Dov Marhoffer, a Holocaust survivor on the JPFO Board of Advisors.

Radio talk show host Cheryl Todd, who with her husband Dan owns and operates the AZFirearms gun store in a Phoenix suburb says, “We are serving more people seeking to purchase their first firearm than ever before in our 15 years of business. Recent calls to defund and dismantle police departments have dramatically increased our retail traffic.”

The unsupportable complaints going around today collapse when facts are examined. Despite constant B-roll (old stock footage) propaganda, played incessantly to the masses on TV are beyond any imaginable description as “news.” CNN and others have been incessantly playing the second half of video footage showing alleged violent criminal Rayshard Brooks being shot while escaping custody armed with the officer’s weapon.

They omit showing him assaulting police and stealing one of their Tasers before attempting escape. Such apparent felony crimes can be met with a lethal-force response. The broadcasts include a politician falsely describing the perpetrator falling asleep drunk in a parking lot, not the payment line of a fast food joint, before his unprovoked violent confrontation. These bogus inflammatory reports are reprehensible, inciting a mob to burn down the fast food store where the event took place. That blaze has been broadcast virtually nonstop, beyond any imaginable newsworthiness. Will anyone at CNN be held liable?

Ms. Todd continues, “My husband Dan and I have discovered, that despite the misguided goals of the rioters, looters and what media calls ‘demonstrators’ (she uses air quotes for the term) behind these instigated uprisings, we believe they’ve sparked the beginning of a reawakening to our founding principles of freedom and liberty.”

The true value police have is gigantic, and honorable, JPFO insists, and media fail to inform or worse, deliberately misinform, without a break. “Our police deserve respect. They risk their lives day in and day out to protect and serve. They handle tasks none of us will. The media have abandoned any sense of ethics or professionalism, and few in their ranks stand up righteously to call them out on it,” says author and gun-law expert Alan Korwin, a JPFO consultant.

Let the crazed leftists, socialists and Marxists who have commandeered so many in the Democrat’s party, who now virtually control our spineless lockstep media, convince ignorant masses they should eliminate police. See what happens.

Then the message of JPFO—arm yourself for safety—will ring more loudly. This continuing run on gun stores (didn’t the media tell you it’s on?), stimulated by the Black Lives Matter uprising and allied Antifa-inspired riots will look like popcorn runs at the movies. Without your daily police patrols and 911 responses you’ll need more guns and ammo than even JPFO would have you stockpile—and that’s a lot.

“As a gun-store owner,” Cheryl Todd says, “it is an honor to serve these first-time gun buyers in their time of need. We don’t just help them obtain the right guns and ammo, we help arm them with training in tactical, legal and constitutional areas.” Store owners nationwide have remarked on the difficulty in remaining stocked during the rush, with record-setting activity.

You are not seeing institutionalized Nazi-like police violence. Media, democrat-led deception and lack of spine have motivated good police officers to forgo law enforcement, even when they are not ordered to stand down by their virtue-signaling superiors. Who in America would believe city and state Democrat officials have instructed their law-enforcement officers, and courts, to turn rioters and felons loose after arrest, or to turn a blind eye to the looting, arsons and assaults being perpetrated and broadcast?

Our police forces cannot remotely be compared to the hell Nazi tyrants unleashed on the world. To do so is to sin—hear this you talking heads on CNN, MSNBC and the rest. “The senseless murder of one person or 14 or 6,000 is tragic and reprehensible, but it is not the Holocaust,” Holocaust survivor Marhoffer informs us.

We have checks and balances, we really do. We have courts for redress, when your leaders don’t insist they neglect their duties. We have video cams for evidence, when you use it. We don’t have summary justice and executions in the streets like Bernie’s revered Venezuela or Cuba, or communist China. One rogue cop caught on tape, strangling a black male with a long rap sheet on the street, that’s not what the communist Chinese do, and don’t forget it. They machine gun people in public. Weld disease victims into their rooms. This cop and his mute allies will be tried for murder.

And never forget—Chinese people can’t bear arms, providing balance like we can, to enable protest and yes, even riots. You have it good Americans, and JPFO plans to help keep it that way. It’s good that the public is buying up guns in ever greater numbers, especially if you buy into the false narrative that police are your enemy, instead of your allies.

Your real enemies—rioters, looters, rapists, arsonists, misinformed and uncontrolled mobs in the streets, that’s what you need protection from. Communists acting out on plans for world domination, that’s the threat and media stays mum. Defunding and disarming police is flat-out wrong. It is as irrational as so-called “gun control” laws the left forever promotes against the public, while arming itself. Join JPFO, and get your guns, ammo and training, like, now. Have the Black Lives Matter mobs and followers even mentioned training yet?


Author: deplorablesunite

I am a divorced father of two daughters. I am a Deplorable.

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