NFL Owner Refuses To Kneel for Anthem: ‘The Flag for Me Is Very Profound’

H/T Western Journal.

How long before Kim Pegula has to walk her comments back?

While many NFL players, coaches and league officials have joined a movement to dishonor the country that has made them all wealthy by kneeling during the national anthem, not everyone is onboard with the idea.

In fact, one team owner is making it clear that kneeling during games is completely out of the question for her during the upcoming season, whenever that might be played.

Pegula said that “we’ve all been listening. We’ve been learning to love other people and understand experiences and what they have gone through, what they’ve experienced, and what maybe the anthem or the flag means to them is truly different than what I went through.”

While she said she is “listening” to those who believe the deck is stacked against minority Americans, she will be standing for “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

“Honestly, that’s how I feel. I will be standing, but that’s my choice. That’s my right. I would hope that the players as well respect that, just like I’m going to respect them for what they want to do if they so choose to,” Pegula said.

“I think and I would hope that our players or anybody would understand that if I’m standing, that does not mean I am … for racism,” she added.

“Certainly, it’s not. And the same goes for our players. If they choose to kneel, or whoever wants to protest, I don’t think it’s because they don’t love the country or they don’t respect our military or any of that,” Pegula said.

She and her husband, Terry, purchased the Bills in 2014.

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