In Race to Avoid Political Correctness Mob over ‘Noose’ Incident, It Looks Like NASCAR Crashed and Burned

H/T Town Hall.

As far as I am concerned Nascar died on February 18,2001 with Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Remember when someone left a “noose” at the garage of NASCAR racer Bubba Wallace? It was immediately condemned. The Federal Bureau of Investigation got involved. NASCAR released a statement calling the incident a “heinous act,” denounced racism, promised to find the perpetrators, and promised a full investigation. As Cortney wrote yesterday, the FBI quickly came to a conclusion: this was no hate crime. The so-called noose was a garage door pull rope that had been fastened as early as last fall. So, it’s been there since 2019, well before Bubba had occupied that garage spot, who took it over in the past week or so.

There are a lot of people who look like idiots right now for peddling another racial hate crime hoax. Is Wallace Jussie Smollett? No. He didn’t plan this the way Smollett executed a fake hate crime against himself, but he’s looking like he took a dose of crazy pills by still insisting a “noose” was left for him.

In the aftermath of this fiasco, New York Magazine writer Yashar Ali tweeted, “Now here’s a question I have, why did NASCAR release a statement about finding a noose before investigating? It seems like the information that revealed that the noose has been there for months was discovered easily.”

It seems clear, given the climate, that NASCAR, which had just banned Confederate flags at all its races, moved quickly to avoid being torched by the progressive mob. They’re out in full force rioting, tearing down statues, taking scalps at major news publications, and making others submit to their demands. In the race to get ahead, it appears they may have wrecked themselves. No, they did.

Author: deplorablesunite

I am a divorced father of two daughters. I am a proud Deplorable.

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