Black Student Union Demands Lincoln Statue Come Down

H/T Todd Starnes.

We have got to stop these punks from trying to erase and rewriting history.

The Black Student Union at the University of Wisconsin is calling for the removal of a statue honoring President Abraham Lincoln – the man who freed the slaves and reunited a fractured nation.

“For him to be at the top of Bascom (Hill) as a powerful placement on our campus, it’s a single-handed symbol of white supremacy,” Black Student Union president Nalah McWhorter said in an interview with the Wisconsin State Journal.

The statue, which was erected in 1906, is a beloved icon on the Madison campus. Students traditional rub Lincoln’s left shoe for good luck.

The Wisconsin State Journal reports that Lincoln is considered a patron of the university because he signed the Morrill Land Grant College Act in 1862.

“The Morrill Act provided federal aid to land-grant colleges, and allowed UW-Madison to buy 933 acres for less than $2 per acre,” the newspaper reports.

The Black Student Union says the statue also needs to be removed because some of the donors were allegedly racist.

They also alleged in an Instagram post that while Lincoln freed the slaves, he was not “pro-black.”

Folks, it’s never going to end – they are going to completely eradicate American history — good and bad.

Author: deplorablesunite

I am a divorced father of two daughters. I am a proud Deplorable.

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