4 ways to win an argument with an Anti-Trumper

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

July 18, 2020

This article originally appeared about 4 years ago.

I could have well been written yesterday or a week ago.

The video interview is outstanding.

Please enjoy.

Clayton Keirns

July 18, 2020

As a Trump supporter, you know that it can sometimes get a little uncomfortable around friends and family because they are brainwashed by the media into hating Trump.

But today we have an excellent list from Scott Adams (creator of the Dilbert comics) who has been writing about Trump since before he was elected.

He is an expert on hypnosis and persuasion and he tells us how to answer for 4 most common objections!

From Scott’s Blog @ Dilbert.com:

When you encounter a rabid anti-Trumper, ask her what are the biggest concerns of a potential Trump presidency.

If“Supreme Court nominee” is one of the top objections, discontinue your persuasion for ethical reasons. This person…

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