Watch: Officer Risks Life to Save Wheelchair-Bound Man from Oncoming Train

H/T Breitbart.

Officer Erika Urrea needs to be commended for her bravery.

Lodi, California, police released bodycam footage showing one of their officers rescuing a wheelchair-bound man from train tracks with only seconds to spare before a train rolled through.

CBS Sacramento reported the 66-year-old man was “trapped on the tracks,” as his electric appliance appeared to be high-centered on the tracks.

The video shows Officer Erika Urrea pull up to the train crossing about 8:45 a.m., where the helpless man sat as the crossing arms began to descend.

The Lodi Police Department reported Urrea “immediately exited her patrol vehicle and began running towards the male. As the train was reaching them, she was able to pull the male out of the wheelchair and they both fell back onto the ground.”

One of the man’s legs was injured in the incident and he was taken to a hospital for treatment.

The Sacramento Bee reports there was barely 15 seconds between the time which Officer Urrea exited her vehicle and the point at which the train reached the train crossed on the tracks.

With the man rescued, Urrea quickly pulled him further from the train and radioed for help.

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