Antifa Unsuccessfully Tries To Protest The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

H/T AmmoLand. 

These ANTIFA thugs had to be rescued by the police from the bikers.

Sturgis, SD –-( When we heard that Antifa was planning to protest the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, we thought it was a joke, but the group did end up trying to protest the biker rally. They were unsuccessful by any metric.

Every year hundreds of thousands of bikers from all around the country descended on Sturgis, South Dakota, for the world’s largest and most famous motorcycle rally. Even in the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic, bikers made their yearly pilgrimage to the small town that becomes the mecca of the bike world. This year the bikers were joined by a small group of members of the anarcho-communist group known as Antifa.

Antifa decided to protest South Dakota Republican Gov. Kristi Noem’s decision not to shut down the bike rally as they demanded. Antifa claims it wanted the rally shut down because of the novel coronavirus world pandemic. The group said the rally would increase the spread of the virus. Some of the bikers found the group’s reason hypocritical since Antifa has been protesting by the side of Black Lives Matter around the country without regard to the pandemic.

Another reason the group gave for protesting the biker rally was that they were standing up against white supremacy and President Trump. The group believes that most bikers are Trump supporters. The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally draws partygoers from all races and walks of life. Several predominantly Hispanic and Black motorcycle clubs attend the rally every year without fear of white supremacy. President Trump has never attended Sturgis or any other motorcycle rally.

One of the protester’s signs read, “We don’t want you here. Coronavirus, White Supremacy, 45.”

The number 45 is a reference to Trump. President Trump is the 45th President of the United States. Protesters and others use the number as a nickname for the President.

The protest started peacefully, with most bikers ignoring the black mask covered protestors that marched on down Main Street. One of Antifa’s favorite tactics is to block off a street. One biker rode his motorcycle by the group. A member of the black-clad demonstrators kicked out at biker’s bike as he passed the group. Motorcycles to bikers are more than just a vehicle. They treat their bikes as a part of themselves. They are scared objects.

This trespass against the biker’s ride set off the rowdy crowd. Bikers swarmed the Antifa members surrounding them. The noise from the crowd was deafening. Eggs were thrown by the bikers and hit an Antifa member. Police had to move in to protect the group from the angry bikers. The police officers had to escort the group to a safe spot away from the rally attendees.

Police Chief Geody Vandewater said the scene “was little chaotic for a bit.” The bikers vastly outnumbered law enforcement officers. The rally’s attendees did respect the officer’s request that they stay back away from the protesters. The protesters want the state to defund the police but depended on the same officers to keep them safe from the massive crowd of pissed off bikers.

After the protest ended abruptly, police arrested one of the protesters from Rapid City South Dakota. The officers charge the man with disorderly conduct.

Antifa did not try to protest the rally again. The 80th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally ended on Sunday.

Author: deplorablesunite

I am a divorced father of two daughters. I am a proud Deplorable.

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