Op-Ed: The Media Is Furious That Trump Is Treating Harris the Same Way They Have Treated Him

H/T Western Journal.

The drive-by media loves to slam President Trump but get their panties in a knot when he turns the tables.

The mainstream media’s defense of Kamala Harris is nothing short of laughable.

Her apologists are effectively saying she has so many flaws that none of them can be taken seriously.

Liberal pundits and journalists are already feeling overwhelmed by the relentless barrage of attacks against the California senator, rushing to her defense online, in print and on television.

Just hours after the announcement that Biden had chosen Harris as his running mate, BuzzFeed News reported that “Trump’s Attempted Attacks On Kamala Harris Are All Over The Place,” insisting that the president and his team “did not settle into a clear strategy.”

The Hill made the same argument, dismissing the Trump campaign’s “scattered” attacks on the Democratic vice-presidential nominee.

The same was true for CNN, which published an article claiming that “Republicans rush to condemn Kamala Harris, but their message is all over the place.”

The full list of news outlets carrying water for Biden’s running mate is long, but the message from the liberal media is consistent.

Harris is untouchable, they claim, because her critics are launching too many attacks from too many different angles.

It’s almost as if the mainstream media are refusing to accept the premise that Harris has shortcomings as a candidate unless her critics narrow down their range of criticisms.

Of course, defending Harris in this manner is absurd, to say the least.

No matter what the media say, for instance, it’s not a contradiction to point out that Harris was once an overzealous and abusive prosecutor who is now desperate to hide her law enforcement record in an effort to appease the rioting radicals who want to “defund the police.”

In fact, highlighting her political opportunism is the whole point, because it’s exactly the sort of thing that forces voters to question where she really stands.

It’s also dishonest to imply or otherwise suggest that criticism of Harris is only coming from the right.

Many liberals also see right through the senator’s charade, and some called her out even before she was tapped to join the Democratic Party ticket.

But what makes the media’s stance on Harris even more egregious, however, is the fact that liberal news outlets have never complained about the inconsistent, illogical and contradictory attacks that the Democratic Party has launched against President Trump.

Since the very first day of Donald Trump’s presidency, the mainstream media themselves have relentlessly attacked the White House without any regard for consistency, turning themselves into willing mouthpieces for the president’s political rivals.

Is President Trump a powerful tyrant or a powerless puppet?

Is the White House too kind or too rough toward Russia?

Is the president “xenophobic” for taking early emergency steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19, or should he have done more than just issue restrictions on travelers from China?

Should the White House take control of the pandemic response or leave the matter up to the states.

The media have been on both sides of every issue — the only thing consistent about their position is that it’s always diametrically opposed to Trump’s.

The same media outlets, however, insist that we should ignore criticism of Kamala Harris because there’s so much of it. See? It’s laughable.

Author: deplorablesunite

I am a divorced father of two daughters. I am a proud Deplorable.

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