Democrat Who Released Nude Photo of 13-Year-Old Girl Drops Out of Race

H/T Western Journal. 

Seeing how the girls was 13 couldn’t he be charged with the possession of kiddie porn?

My bad he is a DemocRat and they can get away with murder just ask Mary Jo Kopechne.

Democrat Aaron Coleman, whose primary victory in a Kansas state House contest drew national attention to the 19-year-old after it was learned that he had posted nude pictures of a 13-year-old girl online, has announced that he is dropping out of the race for the 37th Legislative District seat.

After announcing his resignation Sunday, Coleman called those criticizing him “sick and unhappy people” on Twitter and mocked “the compassionate left” for commenting upon the past actions he has admitted to, including “bullying, revenge porn, and blackmail.”

The Democrat has also said he would “giggle” if a former Republican state legislator who is now a radio show host were to die from COVID-19.

Last Monday, Coleman was declared the winner of the 37th District race against incumbent Democratic state Rep. Stan Frownfelter, 823 votes to 809. That result brought his past to light as The Kansas City Star and The New York Times chronicled incidents that Coleman did not deny.

The past incidents brought a wave of publicity to which Coleman responded by announcing his departure from the race.

“After talking with my family and my supporters, I’ve made the decision to withdraw as the Democratic nominee for HD 37 so I can focus on caring for my family. Now our party can pick a new nominee,” he tweeted.

“The phone calls of those who have voted for me in the primary have started to come in, and I’m filled with regret. They all say essentially the same thing. I promise change, even now, but I’m sure they realize I’m promising when I cannot deliver,” Coleman said.


“My analysis is this is a defeat for democracy. The voters have spoken, and continue to speak to me about staying in the race. All I can say is, whoever the Democrat nominee is for house district 37, It wasn’t who the voters selected. I apologize to everyone who voted for me,” he said.


“Now that I have dropped out of the race, I hope the circular firing squad of the left will take a breather and get to work stopping my misogynist former opponent from getting back into a position where he can vote again to put women in prison for having an abortion etc etc,” the Democrat said.

Coleman said in one tweet that he was surprised by the national coverage he received.

“I never expected this kind of attention. It’s too much,” he said.

Kati Hampton, 20, of Kansas City, Kansas, who said she was the individual whose nude photo was disseminated online by Coleman when she would not send him more pictures, said she was “happy he dropped out.”

“I don’t think somebody who’s done what he’s done needs to be in any position of power,” she said, according to The New York Times.

Kansas Democrats were not sorry to see him go.

“Given the uproar that this has all instigated, I think all Kansas Democrats are breathing a sigh of relief,” Heather Scanlon, the chief of staff to state House Minority Leader Tom Sawyer, told The Times. “We all think he’s doing the right thing. It just makes everything quite a bit easier, assuming of course we can get him off of the ballot prior to the election.”

Frownfelter and Republican Kristina Smith have each said they will conduct write-in campaigns for the seat, according to KCTV-TV.

In an interview with the Kansas Reflector, Coleman admitted to posting a Facebook message exulting over the possibility that former state Rep. John Whitmer, a Wichita radio talk show host and a Republican, could die of COVID-19

“John, I’m going to laugh and giggle when you get COVID and die,” the post read. “At least we can say you died doing what you love. Ask your buddy Herman Cain how it worked out for him



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