Swing-State Labor Union Endorses President Trump’s Re-Election

H/T Town Hall.

President Trump is going to win in a landslide.

A labor union in a major swing-state threw their support behind President Trump’s re-election on Monday. Boilmakers Local 154, based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, represents over 2,500 active and retired energy workers.


The group recognized Joe Biden’s vendetta against oil and natural gas, as the former vice president said he would ban fracking during the presidential primary. 

“As the United States continues to lead the world in oil and natural gas production it is imperative that we continue to battle over-regulations in the fossil fuel industries and fight for American energy production. My members and their families are dependent on these industries and it is imperative that we continue to develop new opportunities and energy infrastructure in America,” wrote John Hughes, the union’s business manager. “Boilermaker jobs specifically rely on coal-fired power generation and we strongly encourage the advancement of Carbon Capture technologies which can secure future jobs for our members. It is with great honor that I write this letter to endorse your campaign as you run for re-election of the President of the United States.”

American energy independence is a pillar of President Trump’s first term in office; the United States remains the number one producer of both oil and natural gas. The administration’s deregulatory actions managed to unleash the energy sector, create jobs and lower costs for consumers.

Joe Biden’s $2 trillion climate plan is a mirror-image of the Green New Deal, which would completely uproot the energy sector and cost the economy countless jobs. Biden’s embrace of Job-killing energy policy will do him no electoral favors in battleground states, including Pennsylvania.

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