Graham Secures Second Amendment For South Carolina

H/T AmmoLand.

A win for South Carolina gun owners.

South Carolina – -( Lindsey Graham has not been the most popular Senator among Second Amendment supporters. Much of it was due to him backing a number of John McCain’s moves on other issues. However, when it comes to the Second Amendment, Graham has been a very crucial ally.

Senator Graham sponsored the Federal Firearms Licensee Protection Act, which boosts penalties for stealing firearms. He’s been a reliable vote against anti-Second Amendment legislation, albeit he also had a history of backing various campaign finance measures, particularly those supported by John McCain. But as we have noted in the case of Jon Tester, votes on gun legislation are not the only ones that affect our Second Amendment rights.


Graham’s first vote keeps Charles Schumer from being Senate Majority Leader. Control of the Senate means that judicial nominations will continue to sail through should President Trump be re-elected in November. While many vacancies have been filled, the next four years could see more, including the Supreme Court seats held by Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer.

Graham has been a key player in judicial nominations. In fact, he has served as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee since the 2018 elections and has been crucial in advancing outstanding judges in the 116th Congress. The work Graham has done with judges is perhaps one of the biggest reasons Second Amendment supporters should back his re-election.

If you want to know why the Duncan case has a good shot of being upheld despite the Ninth Circuit potentially taking it up for en banc review, Graham ranks up there with President Trump, Charles Grassley, and Mitch McConnell in deserving credit for the effects it will have on our Second Amendment rights. Should Republicans hold the Senate, Graham or Grassley would hold down the Senate Judiciary Committee.

So, in one sense, Graham, like Susan Collins, has his imperfections, albeit his are not quite as extensive. But at the same time, both Graham and Collins do far more for our Second Amendment rights than nominally “pro-Second Amendment” Democrats like Tester and Joe Manchin, precisely because on ancillary issues, they not only cast the right votes far more often than not, they also keep control of the Senate out of the hands of a sworn enemy of our rights.

Senator Graham’s campaign site can be checked out here. Second Amendment supporters should also donate to the National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund to support Graham and other pro-Second Amendment candidates at the federal, state, and local levels.

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One thought on “Graham Secures Second Amendment For South Carolina”

  1. I would contend that Graham does NOT “secure” the 2nd Amendment for South Carolina. He is a Swamp Rat of the highest order.
    He is merely doing what is politically expedient to stay in office and favor of the CURRENT President.
    If he really wanted to secure the 2nd Amendment for South Carolina he would start by championing “Constitutional Carry” at both the state and national levels.
    He would then while trying to accomplish that, fight to repeal every law, rule, and regulation from the federal to local level that restricts gun rights in ANY way.
    “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”


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