Union Boss Gets Jail Time, for Ordering ‘Old School’ Attack, on Non-Union Workers

H/T Western Journal.

It is about time these union thugs got held accountable for their crimes against non-union workers.

It is a shame this thug bastard did not get a longer sentence.


A former iron workers’ union president was sentenced to 3 and a half years in prison on Wednesday for ordering and participating in the violent extortion of non-union workers at a construction site.

Jeffrey Veach, 57, the former president of an Indiana chapter of the International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental, and Reinforcing Iron Workers was charged for his role in the 2016 incident, according to the Department of Justice.

He and co-defendant Thomas Williamson, a business agent for BSOIW, each pleaded guilty in January to one count of extortion conspiracy.

Under the pretext of serving their union, [Veach] victimized the very type of people [he was] supposed to be fighting for; innocent, hard-working iron workers, who were just trying to do their jobs,” Justice Department organized crime attorney Alexander Gottfried said, according to the The Times of Northwest Indiana.

Gottfried called Veach’s actions “insidious” in an earlier court filing.

Wednesday’s sentencing stems from a 2016 incident that resulted in the assault of multiple non-union workers.

Williamson discovered in January 2016 that a non-union iron works company was involved in a project at a Baptist church in BSOIW’s “territory,” according to his guilty plea.

He visited the church and told the workers to either join his union or leave the site, but was rebuffed. He then confronted a youth pastor at the church and told him that hiring non-union labor was “unethical.”

Accompanied by Veach, Williamson returned to the church the next day again demanding the workers join BSOIW.

After the foreman refused and asked them to leave, Williamson grabbed his jacket and called him a “scab bastard.”

Williamson told Veach they’d need to “take things back to old school” as they were leaving the site, according to their guilty pleas. 

That same day, they gathered about 10 rank-and-file union members, returned to the church and ordered the men to assault the non-union workers.

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