Mark Kelly Suggests Arizonans Want More Gun Control

H/T Breitbart.

Mark Kelly is as out of touch with Arizonans as he is reality.

Democrat candidate Mark Kelly used part of his time during Tuesday’s Arizona senate debate to suggest Arizonans want more gun control.

Kelly did this while describing his gun control plans, which include universal background checks and laws allowing police to seize firearms. He said:

Some stronger gun laws is not inconsistent with our Second Amendment rights. We can respect our rights and traditions on gun ownership under the Second Amendment, and we can have stronger communities that includes things like red flag laws [and] background checks for all gun sales.

When Kelly talks about “background checks for all gun sales” he is talking about universal background checks, like the checks they have in California.

Such checks expand the current retail point-of-sale background check system so that checks occur on private sales as well. Such an expansion criminalizes selling a gun to a lifelong friend or a decades old neighbor without first getting government permission via  background check.

Kelly added, “Here in Arizona, a majority of Arizonans support background checks for all gun sales.” He suggested that same majority of Arizonans support gun seizure laws as well.

He said these controls, and “a couple of other things,” will “keep communities safe.”

As for the “couple of other things” to which Kelly alluded, James O’Keefe’s under cover work suggests an “assault weapons” ban is one of them.

Such a ban would prohibit the manufacture of rifles which the left categorizes as assault-style firearms, eventually emptying the marketplace of the wildly popular firearms and ensuring that Arizonans and other Americans could not buy more of them.

Author: deplorablesunite

I am a divorced father of two daughters. I am a proud Deplorable.

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