58,000 Mail-In Ballots ‘Delayed’ in Battleground State That Trump Barely Took in 2016

H/T Western Journal.

Are we seeing the start of voter fraud in the Keystone State?

A massive batch of mail-in ballots has not reached voters in a key battleground state, leaving some wondering if they will be able to participate in the upcoming elections at all.

The status of the ballots, numbering around 58,000, is also sparking concerns about voter fraud that could change the outcome of the election.

The ballots were originally intended for voters in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, according to WPXI-TV in nearby Pittsburgh.

The confusion began as the mailers, which were to be sent last week, failed to reach the intended recipients.

Mid-West Direct, a contractor hired by the county, is being blamed by officials for the ballots’ delay.

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“The first batch of processed and approved applications was submitted to the County’s mail house, Mid-West Direct on October 3rd,” the county told WPXI. “It has been brought to our attention today that Mid-West did not [send] out the ballots on Tuesday as indicated.”

Despite dropping the ball on a six-figure contract to mail the ballots, it appears Mid-West will be given another attempt at sending the batch of mail.

According to KDKA-TV, the ballots were finally sent Friday morning by the contractor.

The delayed mail-in ballot fiasco is only the latest concern in an election dominated by uncertainty and fear of fraud.

The November outcome in Pennsylvania, which President Donald Trump won by fewer than 50,000 votes in the 2016 election, could be changed by even small-scale voter fraud.

The Keystone State isn’t the only place where worrying things have happened to ballots.

One mail carrier in New Jersey allegedly dumped a load of ballots in a dumpster. Thankfully, the mail was recovered and the postal worker is now facing charges including obstruction of mail.

In many other places, disingenuous letter carriers are the least of voters’ concerns.

A mix-up by the Ohio Board of Elections sent 50,000 ballots with incorrect information to state residents earlier this month.

While the board vowed to ensure all people sent the wrong ballots would be able to cast a legitimate one, Trump slammed the mistake as more proof of a “rigged election.”


With the tight race for the presidency coming to a head in the next few weeks, it’s clear that the fight over voter fraud is nowhere close to being resolved. For now, it looks like confusion and chaos are the only certainties on Election Day.

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