Corruption? Ilhan Omar Has Funneled 70% of Campaign Expenditures to Her Husband’s Company

H/T Western Journal.

When if ever will we see charges brought against Ilhan Omar?

Sadly as she is a DemocRat I do not see anything happening to her.

Ilhan Omar is no stranger to scandal and alleged corruption.

During her short tenure as a legislator, she’s been connected to voter fraud allegations, investigated for alleged campaign finance violations and accused of having an affair with a married man (Tim Mynett, who is now her husband).

Speaking of campaign finance and Omar’s husband, the Democratic Minnesota representative’s campaign funneled roughly $1.1 million to E Street Group, a political consultant group co-founded by Mynett, between July 23 and Sept. 30.

That represents almost 70 percent — 69 percent to be exact — of the roughly $1.6 million disbursed by the campaign in that time period, the Washington Free Beacon reported Thursday, citing Federal Election Commission filings.

And it’s in addition to $606,000 disbursed to E Street Group during the first three weeks of July, representing 77 percent of the campaign’s disbursements during that time.

In total, Omar’s campaign has funneled a whopping $2.7 million to E Street Group during this election cycle, according to the Free Beacon.

It seems Omar just can’t stop funneling her campaign donations to a company where her husband serves as a partner.

The financial relationship between Omar and Mynett began in August 2018, at which time both Omar and Mynett were married to other people.

The pair announced they had gotten married in March 2020, after both of their previous marriages ended amid allegations of an affair.

Mynett’s ex-wife, Beth Mynett, filed for divorce in August 2019, citing her now ex-husband’s “devastating and shocking declaration of love” for Omar.

Omar’s marriage reportedly fell apart after her then-husband Ahmed Hirsi found Omar and Mynett lounging in pajamas at her Washington, D.C., apartment.

Both Omar and Mynett have denied the affair allegations.

Regardless of whether their romantic relationship started with infidelity, it’s certainly shocking — and concerning — just how much money she has been paying to Mynett’s company. Funneling millions of dollars of campaign funds to a company which Omar, through her husband, potentially has a financial stake in reeks of corruption.

This isn’t the first time Omar’s campaign finances have been questioned. In the spring of 2019, the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board investigated Omar over complaints that she spent thousands of dollars in campaign contributions for personal use, including travel expenses and payments to her divorce attorney.

Additionally, just last month, Project Veritas released a video exposing what the watchdog said was a ballot-harvesting scheme allegedly involving Omar and targeting mostly Somali-born seniors in Minneapolis.

And never forget when Omar — who has been repeatedly accused of anti-Semitism — described the 9/11 terrorist attack by saying “some people did something.”

When someone shows you who they are, believe them.

Author: deplorablesunite

I am a divorced father of two daughters. I am a proud Deplorable.

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