Debate Analysis: Is a Dark Winter In Store for Biden?

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

The article below completely forgot to mention the exchange regarding phasing out oil entirely.

We CANNOT have a 20th Century economy, never mind a 21st Century one, entirely on solar and wind.

One day, with a well-developed storage technology – maybe.

But that is not today.

Solar and wind are too intermittent and simply not available in any quantity in many parts of the country.

Batteries are very expensive, dirty to make (water, pollution) and I’m not sure there is enough lithium and rare earth metals on the planet for the systems needed.

But, that’s just facts, rather than wishful thinking and good intentions.

Trump has international bank accounts. Yeah duh, its called Trump Int.

Everyone knows he has hotels, that’s not a crime.

Joe says show us your taxes.

Not only can Trump not do that while under audit, but during the Muller investigation, Dems…

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