Why I’m Leaving California

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Anyone with the IQ higher than a house plant should be leaving Commiefornia.

My family and my company are leaving California.


It’s heartbreaking.

My parents moved to California four decades ago. I grew up here. For 33 of the 36 years I’ve spent on this planet, I’ve lived here. I was born at St. Joseph’s in Burbank; I attended elementary school at Edison Elementary; I went to college at UCLA. I co-founded a major media company here, with 75 employees in Los Angeles. I met my wife here; all three of my kids are native Californians.

This is the most beautiful state in the country. The climate is incredible. The scenery is amazing. The people are generally warm, and there’s an enormous amount to do.

And we’re leaving.

We’re leaving because all the benefits of California have steadily eroded — and then suddenly collapsed. Meanwhile, all the costs of California have steadily increased — and then suddenly skyrocketed. It can be difficult to spot the incremental encroachment of a terrible disease, but once the final ravages set in, it becomes obvious that the illness is fatal. So, too, with California, where bad governance has turned a would-be paradise into a burgeoning dystopia.

When my family moved to North Hollywood, I was 11. We lived in a safe, clean suburb. Yes, Los Angeles had serious crime and homelessness problems, but those were problems relegated to pockets of the city — problems that, with good governance, we thought could eventually be healed. Instead, the government allowed those problems to metastasize. As of 2011, Los Angeles County counted less than 40,000 homeless; as of 2020, that number had skyrocketed to 66,000. Suburban areas have become the sites of homeless encampments. Nearly every city underpass hosts a tent city; the city, in its kindness, has put out port-a-potties to reduce the possibility of COVID-19 spread.

Police are forbidden in most cases from either moving transients or even moving their garbage. Nearly every public space in Los Angeles has become a repository for open waste, needles and trash. The most beautiful areas of Los Angeles, from Santa Monica beach to my suburb, have become wrecks. My children have personally witnessed drug use, public urination and public nudity. Looters were allowed free reign in the middle of the city during the Black Lives Matter riots; Rodeo Drive was closed at 1 p.m., and citizens were curfewed at 6 p.m.

To combat these trends, local and state governments have gamed the statistics, reclassifying offenses and letting prisoners go free. Meanwhile, the police have become targets for public ire. In July, the city of Los Angeles slashed police funding, cutting the force to its lowest levels in over a decade.

At the same time, taxes have risen. California’s top marginal income tax rate is now 13.3%; legislators want to raise it to 16.8%. California is also home to a 7.25% sales tax, a 50-cent gas tax and a bevy of other taxes that drain the wallet and burden business. California has the worst regulatory climate in America, according to CEO Magazine’s survey of 650 CEOs. The public-sector unions essentially make public policy, running up the debt while providing fewer and fewer actual services. California’s public education system is a massive failure, and even its once-great colleges are now burdened by the stupidities of political correctness, including an unwillingness to use standardized testing.

And still, the state legislature is dominated by Democrats. California is not on a trajectory toward recovery; it is on a trajectory toward oblivion. Taxpayers are moving out — now including my family and my company. In 2019, before the pandemic and the widespread rioting and looting, outmigration jumped 38%, rising for the seventh straight year. That number will increase again this year.

I want my kids to grow up safe. I want them to grow up in a community with a future, with more freedom and safety than I grew up with. California makes that impossible. So, goodbye, Golden State. Thanks for the memories.

25 Questions Joe Biden Should Be Asked in the Debate

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No debate moderator will ask these questions.

Tuesday’s presidential debate provides an opportunity for the American public to finally get answers from Joe Biden, who has largely been absent from the campaign trail.

Vice President Biden should be asked the following 25 questions. This list is by no means exhaustive.

Many of these questions were suggested by this author last month, but because they remain unanswered, I offer them again in the hope that Tuesday’s debate moderator, Chris Wallace, will question the Democratic nominee with the same enthusiasm he has shown for questioning President Trump.

1. A Senate investigative report issued this month found that your son, Hunter Biden, and his family and business partners “received millions of dollars from foreign nationals with questionable backgrounds.” Among the sums they received while you were vice president include over $4 million from the corruption-plagued Ukrainian energy company Burisma to your son and his business associate, a $3.5 million wire transfer to your son from the wife of the former mayor of Moscow, and “millions of dollars in cash flow” from your son’s business associations with “Chinese nationals linked to the Communist government and the People’s Liberation Army.” In light of all of this, we must ask: Why did members of your family get so many lucrative business opportunities overseas while you were vice president?

2. The report also contradicts your earlier statements that you were never told about your son’s business dealings in Ukraine. According to the report, “In October 2015, senior State Department official Amos Hochstein raised concerns with Vice President Joe Biden, as well as with Hunter Biden, that Hunter Biden’s position on Burisma’s board enabled Russian disinformation efforts and risked undermining U.S. policy in Ukraine.” Is Mr. Hochstein lying about this or are you?

3. Why did your son Hunter accompany you on your official trip to Beijing in December 2013? What did he do on that trip? Who did he meet with? What should the American public make of the fact that just 10 days after this trip, your son’s boutique private equity firm secured a $1 billion investment deal from the state-owned bank of China (later expanded to $1.5 billion) despite having no prior experience in China; and with this deal, the Chinese government granted your son’s firm a first-of-its-kind arrangement to operate in the recently formed Shanghai Free-Trade Zone—a perk not granted to any of the large established financial institutions?

4. Should the American public be concerned that your son’s private equity firm partnered with a Chinese government-owned aerospace and defense conglomerate to facilitate the purchase of an American company (based in Michigan) that produced strategically sensitive dual-use military technology that the Chinese government wanted?

5. Does your “Build Back Better” proposal contain any provisions to ensure that American taxpayer-funded technology is not bought off by Chinese state-backed enterprises working with private equity firms like your son’s?

6. How did your brother, Frank, secure $45 million in taxpayer loans from the Obama administration for his Caribbean projects?

7. How did a newly-minted firm employing your other brother, James, receive a $1.5 billion contract to build homes in Iraq despite having no experience in construction or international development?

8. Back in 2000, you voted in favor of giving permanent Normal Trade Relations (NTR) to China. At the time, you said that this would not lead to “the collapse of the American manufacturing economy” because China is “about the size of the Netherlands” and could not possibly become “our major economic competitor.” Furthermore, you predicted that free trade with China would establish “a path toward ever greater political and economic freedom” for the people of China. Do you still stand by these statements today after 3.4 million American jobs have been lost to China and millions of China’s citizens have been imprisonedsurveilleddisappeared, and used as slave labor by an increasingly authoritarian regime enriched by 20 years of record trade imbalances acquired through flagrant trade violations?

9. The People’s Republic of China has a bold plan called “Made in China 2025” to dominate the key technologies of the future in order to overtake the United States militarily and economically. Do you still contend that China is “not competition for us”

10. Why did you promote the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) to financial special interest groups when research was clear that the deal would make it easier for corporations to move U.S. jobs overseas?

11. Do you believe Xi Jinping kept his promise to Barack Obama to end cyber-espionage against the United States? If not, what are you prepared to do about it?

12. Do you accept that the coronavirus originated in China? Do you think China was honest with the world in its handling of the coronavirus? Are you satisfied with China’s explanations for how it spread? Do you believe their claims about the number of cases and fatalities in China?

13. Do you think China should be held responsible in any way for its handling of the coronavirus? If not, why not? What, if any, repercussions should there be for China in its handling of the coronavirus?

14. You have vowed to rescind the Trump tax cuts. Can you think of a single example of a country that recovered from a recession by raising taxes?

15. President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, has been attacked by members of your party because of her Catholic faith. Do you denounce these attacks on Judge Barrett’s Catholicism?

16. Your running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), attacked a judicial nominee on the basis of his membership in the Catholic fraternal organization the Knights of Columbus, which is the largest fraternal organization in the world and includes among its past and present members many prominent Americans like President John F. Kennedy, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), Gov. John Bel Edwards (D-LA), and Vince Lombardi. Do you or Sen. Harris believe that being a member of the Knights of Columbus disqualifies a person from holding public office? Would you refuse to hire someone on the basis of their membership in the Knights of Columbus or any other Catholic organization? In Sen. Harris’ questioning of this Catholic judicial nominee, she singled out the issue of the Catholic teaching on the sanctity of life. Would you or Sen. Harris disqualify a job applicant on the basis of their Catholic beliefs about abortion? Do you or Sen. Harris believe that being pro-life disqualifies someone from employment?

17. Your campaign has adopted a version of the Green New Deal that calls for 100 percent renewable electricity generation by 2035. California has adopted similar “green” goals, but now it can’t keep the lights on due to the state’s reliance on wind and solar energy. California’s Democratic Gov. Gavin Newson admitted that the Golden State needs a “backup” plan for energy because the current blackouts caused by lack of wind and overcast skies have shown the danger of relying solely on “green” energy. Why would the nation fare any better than sunny breezy California in keeping the lights on if we adopt 100 percent renewable energy?

18. You supported the George Floyd protests, which you claimed were peaceful. Have you spoken to any victims of the riots — people who lost loved ones or businesses?

19. Do you believe that the looting of the Magnificent Mile in Chicago was a “form of reparations,” as one Chicago Black Lives Matter organizer claimed? Is looting an appropriate form of protest as a means of reparations?

20. Seattle Black Lives Matter protesters stormed a neighborhood, demanding that residents “get the f*** out” and “give black people back their homes” as reparations. Do you support that style of protest? If not, have you condemned it?

21. You said in your DNC acceptance speech that America is ready to “do the hard work of rooting out our systemic racism.” What did you do in your 36 years as a U.S. senator and 8 years as vice president to root out systemic racism? Why didn’t it work?

22. What is the maximum number of illegal immigrants you would allow into the country before securing the border to stop more from entering?

23. The Obama administration deported an estimated 3 million illegal aliens. Was that a bad thing?

24. With 30 million Americans unemployed due to the coronavirus, would you support a halt on work visas for foreign workers competing with Americans for jobs? If not, explain to us why CEOs will not use this huge increase in the supply of labor to freeze and reduce salaries for American workers?

25. Do you or do you not support a ban on fracking? If you do, what do you say to the estimated 7.5 million American jobs that will be lost due to such a ban, which includes an estimated 550,000 jobs lost in Pennsylvania, 500,000 jobs lost in Ohio, 363,000 jobs lost in North Carolina, 353,000 jobs lost in Colorado, and 233,000 jobs lost in Michigan?

Teacher Gives Student 15 Seconds To Take Down Trump Flag or He’ll Be Kicked Out of Class

H/T Western Journal.

This teacher would not have been triggered if it was a black lives matters flag.

I bet the teacher would have not been triggered over a rainbow flag.

I love the student response by signing off.

A high school student in Northern California was scorned in front of his classmates and threatened with being removed from virtual class over a flag in his bedroom which showed support for President Donald Trump.

The incident happened last week at Colusa High School in Colusa County, which is about an hour’s drive north of Sacramento.

The county was actually won by Trump in the 2016 election, who defeated Hillary Clinton by a margin of 53 percent to 39 percent.

Despite the area’s apparent Republican-leaning nature, not everyone in Colusa County is friendly toward the president and those who support him.

In fact, a teacher at the high school apparently found a Trump flag on the wall of one of her students so offensive, she ordered him to abruptly remove it.

A woman identified by KOVR-TV only as Tiffany told the station her son was the young man who found himself in the crosshairs of a triggered teacher.

“Since school has begun, my son has had this Trump flag hanging in his background,” Tiffany told the station.

The school is putting its students through distance learning amid the coronavirus pandemic, so kids are going to class daily via Zoom.

Last week, Tiffany’s son joined his chemistry class on the app when the situation got ugly.

“You can sit up, remove the flag or reposition your camera within the next 15 seconds or I’m kicking you out of class,” Tiffany quoted the teacher as telling her son.

His reaction was hilarious.

The triggered chemistry teacher had not yet made it to the count of ten when the young man excused himself by waving goodbye and promptly closing the Zoom app.

Tiffany might have a real rogue on her hands, but in today’s day and age, that might not be such a terrible thing.

If the system is a liberal order where dissent is discouraged and censorship is the norm, you’ve got to kind of appreciate the kid’s attitude.

To make the saga all the more silly on the teacher’s part, the flag was quite appropriate.

It read “TRUMP 2020” and had one of the president’s campaign slogans, “Keep America Great,” at the bottom.

We can’t say for sure if a loathing for conservatives drove the teacher to madness. Perhaps she had assumed that such imagery was banned statewide in the Golden State.

In any event, her reaction wasn’t the least bit surprising.

Public education is not exactly a rampart for conservative thought or for patriotism, nor is the state of California.

Tiffany was peeved, but not at the chemistry teacher.

“She is a new teacher and it’s a mistake. There hasn’t really been any guidance given to her as a teacher for the school,” she told KOVR.

Tiffany and her son both addressed the school board after the incident, and they apparently were given no resolution.

The school’s student handbook doesn’t stipulate which political slogans are allowed, but it does ban clothing that promotes alcohol, tobacco or drug symbols; clothing with sexual messages; and anything else deemed prejudicial or vulgar.

It’s difficult to see that a Trump flag fits the bill on any of the contraband material for what a young man can have in his bedroom in the age of virtual learning.

The state’s law on the matter specifically states that all students “have the right to exercise freedom of speech and of the press including, but not limited to, the use of bulletin boards, the distribution of printed materials or petitions, the wearing of buttons, badges, and other insignia.”

So, there’s that.

Judging from the story, and the fact that the high schooler didn’t seem to break any rules, it would definitely appear that he was treated unfairly.

If the chemistry teacher had an issue with the flag, then perhaps waiting until after class would have been a better way to handle it.

But kudos to him for sticking to his guns.

Following the herd in high school can lead to being a follower later on down the road.

This young Trump supporter apparently didn’t feel like being canceled over his political views, so he canceled the intolerant class session when he waved goodbye.

According to KOVR, the young man also told the school board he feels uncomfortable returning to his chemistry class.

Second Video with Major Ilhan Omar Voter Fraud Allegations Released as Minneapolis Police Investigate

H/T Western Journal.

It sounds like Ilhan Omar maybe is some deep do-do.

The drumbeat of voter fraud allegations against Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota grew stronger Monday with the release of a second video from Project Veritas purporting to show ballot harvesting being conducted.

The release of the second video in two days came as Minneapolis police said they were investigating the situation.


“The MPD is aware of the allegations of vote harvesting. We are in the process of looking into the validity of those statements. No further information is available at this time on this,” the department tweeted Monday.

On Sunday, Project Veritas released a video allegedly exposing an apparent sophisticated ballot-harvesting scheme targeting mostly Somali-born seniors in Minneapolis.

Those who spoke in the video alleged there are exchanges of cash for mail-in ballots in many cases.

In response to the initial video, Omar’s senior communications director, Jeremy Slevin, told Newsweek: “The amount of truth to this story is equal to the amount Donald Trump paid in taxes of ten out of the last fifteen years: zero. And amplifying a coordinated right-wing campaign to delegitimize a free and fair election this fall undermines our democracy.”

Then on Monday, Project Veritas released a second video:

“Your focus is winning, no matter what you do. You ignore the rules and regulations,” Omar Jamal, a Somali community member, said in the new video. “There’s no moral and ethics here. It’s just the end will justify the means.”

“I think Ilhan Omar is one of the people behind all this mess,” he said. “And they have a lot of people that work for them that make sure that tasks get carried out, ballots collected. This is the cash money exchanging hands.”

“It’s an open secret that everybody knows it but they don’t talk about it.”

“Nobody would say that Ilhan Omar isn’t part of this,” Jamal added in an accompanying news release on the Project Veritas website. “Unless you’re from a different planet, but if you live in this universe, I think everybody knows it.”

The video showed a source appearing to link Omar to the alleged ballot harvesting operation.

“[Ilhan Omar is] the one who came up with all this,” said the speaker.

“[Ilhan Omar is] the one, somehow. Nobody knew, but, yeah, this is something like new with Ilhan.”

The new video also revealed a conversation recorded with a hidden camera between a man identified by Project Veritas as a ballot harvester and a potential voter.

Money appeared to be exchanged and the alleged harvester explained that all the potential voter had to to do put their identifying information on a voter registration form and sign it in order to be paid.

Another source who the video identified as a ballot harvester appeared to say that there is no confusion, and that it’s the operatives who vote, not the supposed voter.

“They actually are the ones who vote, people don’t usually — they do the voting,” the source said.

Osman Ali Dahquane, a taxi driver who was allegedly involved and who served as a source for the video, pointed the finger at Omar.

“Yes, but she paid the wrong guys,” Dahquane said, replying to a question regarding whether or not the congresswoman has paid for votes.

He said the operation is “very corrupt.”

“If this continues this direction, many people will go to prison, or no one will vote in the city of Minneapolis. It is very, very corrupt. We are in trouble if they come after us. We are in big trouble if they come after us,” Dahquane said.

Jamal, meanwhile, emphasized the scheme is not much of a secret in Minneapolis.

“The techniques that [Ilhan Omar staffer Ali Isse] uses to exchange money for vote — that’s not a secret. It’s, it’s open, and everybody knows about it,” he said, adding, “$200, $300 per ballot received!”

Jered Ede, chief legal officer for Project Veritas, said the actions shown and described may have violated state and federal election laws.

Jamal said its crucial that Americans “pay attention” to voter fraud and corruption.

“If the American people don’t pay attention to what’s happening, it is going to soon — the country will collapse,” he said. “The regulations, if you ignore that and you let corruption and fraud become a daily business then tough luck, the country will not exist as they know it.”

NSSF: Life for New Gun Owners Under ‘President Biden’

H/T AmmoLand.

Life for gun owners unde a Biden administration will be stressful to say the least.


U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- A recent survey in Texas suggested that new gun owners are more likely to support former Vice President Joe Biden than President Donald Trump in this year’s election. There is little evidence to support this, particularly as polls have been so widely off the mark when it comes to support for President Trump and when it comes to gun ownership in general. In both instances, individuals may be more reluctant to share their political support or gun ownership status with strangers on the phone, due at least in part to a desire for privacy and a fear of the kind of shaming that is all too common in our society.

But let’s say this were true: that new gun owners, a large share of whom are women or minorities, are more likely to vote for Biden in November. Despite taking the step to exercise their Second Amendment rights and legally purchase a firearm, these individuals may be making their voting decisions based on a whole host of other policy issues.

Protecting their newly-secured firearm and the freedom that allowed them to purchase it may not be something they have considered. That is a mistake.
Many new gun owners were surprised at just how difficult it is to purchase a firearm in their state. Any new owners who purchased their firearms at a retailer were required at a minimum to submit to an FBI background check and to abide by the federal prohibitions as well as a myriad of state and local regulations such as waiting periods or limits on what types of firearms they were allowed to purchase.

Under “President Biden,” these existing laws and regulations would be multiplied and expanded in an attempt to squeeze the right to bear arms out of existence. If he had his way, the most popular type of rifle – the Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR) – would be banned, despite the fact the last time they were banned, crime didn’t go down. The MSRs that people already own would be “bought back” or forcibly registered under the onerous law that regulates items like fully-automatic machine guns.

The former vice president doesn’t think that you, as a gun owner, should be able to decide the amount of ammunition in your handgun, so your capacity would be arbitrarily limited according to what he thinks is appropriate. Forget about the fact that this limit will do nothing to keep your communities safe. He also doesn’t want you to be able to purchase your ammunition online, limiting your choices as a consumer.

He doesn’t think you should make the decision on the timing of purchasing firearms. He wants to make that decision for you and limit you to one gun a month, only after you get a license from your state to purchase it. And that one gun would have to be stored how he thinks is best for you and your household, regardless of your individual situation.

New gun owners, or those interested in protecting their rights to become gun owners if they so wish, need to be aware of the implications of voting for Biden in November. A vote for Biden is a vote against your Constitutional right to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your property. It’s as simple as that.

Results of Remington Bankruptcy Auction are In, Who Gets What?

H/T AmmoLand.

What does this mean for Remingtons future?


U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- Since filing for bankruptcy back in 2018 gun nerds around the Country, no scratch that around the World, have been waiting with bated breath to find out exactly what happens next with mega firearms manufacturer Remington Arms. Founded in Upstate New York in 1816 by Eliphalet Remington under the name E. Remington and Sons. In over 200 years the company grew into one of the most recognized names in the industry and a literal Behemoth after it was absorbed into the Freedom Group (a subsidiary of the Cerberus Capital Management a 40 Billion Dollar Private Equity Firm ) in 2007, which also owns highly recognizable Firearms names like Bushmaster, DPMS and Marlin. So big is the Remington name that The Freedom Group renamed the conglomerate into Remington Outdoor Company in 2015.


Things sort of went downhill fast in recent years, and we can blame that on a combination of over 900 Million dollars of debt, anti-second amendment politics, activist investors, and lawyers seeking big paydays by suing firearms manufacturers for the cowardly actions of evil-doers intent on mass murder. So even in times of high uncertainty and record-breaking gun sales in America, Remington found itself filling bankruptcy for a second time and finally an auction was ordered by the courts. For the last few weeks, lots of rumors have been swirling in the Industry, from one big Investment group buying the whole thing to the Ammo holdings been sold off to one party and the rest to another.

Today I stumbled across the Court Documents online (I’ll include a link and a picture here) from the bankruptcy court speaking to who exactly were the winning bidders and what part of Remington they won!

Results of Remington Bankruptcy Auction:

Results of Remington Bankruptcy Auction

I also made a quick video for the YouTubes that we’ll share here as well as my thoughts on who’s these different groups are among the winning bidders.

  • Vista Outdoor, Inc. is the Successful Bidder of the Lonoke Ammunitions Business and certain IP assets; and SIG Sauer, Inc. as the Backup Bidder (so if Vista doesn’t want it SIG gets next dibs. [ Vista is also a big player in the Firearms Space with ownership of Federal, CCI, Blazer, Independence, American Eagle, and Bushnell just to name a few Brands]
  • Roundhill Group, LLC is the Successful Bidder of the Non-Marlin Firearms Business and Inventory; and Huntsman Holdings, LLC and Century Arms, Inc. as the Backup Bidders [ I have no idea what firearms industry brands these guys already have, if you do, let me know]
  • Sierra Bullets, L.L.C. is the Successful Bidder for the Barnes Ammunitions Business; and Barnes Acquisition LLC as the Backup Bidder [ These guys are a rival Ammo manufacturer that have been around since the 1940s]
  • Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. is the Successful Bidder the Assets attached to the Marlin Firearms Business; and Long Range Acquisition LLC as the Backup Bidder [ This would be an interesting acquisition for Ruger making them a player in the lever-action market]
  • JJE Capital Holdings, LLC as the Successful Bidder with respect to the DPMS, H&R, Stormlake, AAC, and Parker brands [ OK this is Big News and a big step up for the parent company of Palmetto State Armory one of the fastest going manufactures in the Industry, also these guys are true 2A folks ]
  • Franklin Armory Holdings, Inc., or its designated assignee, as the Successful Bidder with respect to the Bushmaster brand and certain related assets. [ I never even saw this one coming however it’s awesome news for one of the truly Second Amendment Co’s on this list and also a manufacturer that thinks entirely outside of the box when it comes to innovation]
  • Sportsman’s Warehouse, Inc. as the Successful Bidder with respect to the Tapco brand. [ Lets be honest Tapco is known for the best accessories in the game however they do have a big lineup, here’s hoping these guys can upgrade the quality here ]

I hope you guys will take the time to check out my video and leave your thoughts on all these developments, it definitely seems as 2020 is showing no signs of slowing down.







Is the 2020 Election Really the Predicted Fire-Armageddon? ~ VIDEO

H/T AmmoLand.

I can see the possibility of a civil war under the Biden/Harris administration.

Vote like your Second Amendment Rights depends on it because it does.

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Let’s imagine the scary future of life as a gun owner if Joe Biden wins the 2020 election and has his way with the Second Amendment.


According to his so-called “gun safety” plan, which is the most radical gun control platform a major political candidate has ever run on, Biden seeks to:

  • Limit gun purchases to one a month;
  • Institute red flag gun confiscation orders;
  • And force universal registration background checks.

But that’s not all…

Most alarmingly, he gives owners of commonly-owned semi-autos a choice of either submitting their firearms to a gun “buyback” program or registering them in a manner similar to how machine guns are regulated.

And if you think “Sleepy Joe” is too absent-minded to accomplish this, Biden has promised to appoint Beto “Take Your AR-15” O’Rourke as gun czar.

With this in mind, I explore if this election is really “Fire-Armageddon” for gun owners in Gun Owners of America’s latest video and what gun owners can do to prevent this future.

I hope gun owners will not sit this election out.

The NRA-ILA: The Truth about “Assault Weapons”

H/T AmmoLand.

The anti-gun crowd is to stupid to accept there is a difference between sporting rifles and so called assault weapons.


U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want to ban certain types of semi-automatic firearms that are rarely used in crimes. These firearms are also commonly owned; estimates from 2018 peg the number owned in the U.S. at more than 16 million. So why are Biden and his would-be Florida man, Michael Bloomberg, so focused on these semi-automatic firearms? Why are certain types of semi-automatic rifles “uniquely deserving of prohibition?”

Law professor E. Gregory Wallace analyzed the arguments used to justify bans on these firearms, and his conclusions have been published in the Tennessee Law Review. Wallace does not address why anti-gun activists focus on semi-automatic rifles, but it is important to consider the origins of this effort. In the early 1980s, efforts to ban handguns failed to gain traction with the American public so gun controllers decided that a new focus on rifles could be a stepping stone to their ultimate goal. Their scheme depended on Americans’ ignorance regarding these rifles – and it still does. That’s why Biden and others continue to push the same falsehoods nearly 40 years later.


Wallace tackles these deliberate falsehoods and dismantles the assertions that semi-automatic rifles are somehow exceptionally lethal because they are “military-style” “weapons of war” or have a “capability for lethality…far beyond that of other firearms in general.” That last quote isn’t from Joe Biden; it’s from a court decision upholding a ban on certain types of semi-automatic firearms. Judges are important, so vote – but back to Wallace’s excellent analysis. Let’s briefly review the truth Wallace shines onto these claims.

The fact that the military M16 and M4 resemble a civilian AR-15 does not make the rifles equal. That they fire the same cartridge is also irrelevant. The military chooses service weapons and calibers based on any number of factors and trade-offs are necessary. Military personnel also use 9mm pistols like the Glock 17 and the Sig P320; the 1911 .45 caliber pistol; 12-gauge shotguns like the Mossberg 500 or the Remington 870; and bolt-action rifles like the Remington 700.

An argument to ban “military-style” firearms is really an argument to ban all firearms. All modern firearms have some type of military analogue.

The second claim alleges that semi-automatic rifles like the AR-15 are supposedly “extra lethal” because they shoot faster, are more powerful, hold more ammunition, and cause more serious wounds than other firearms. These allegations would require semi-automatic firearms like the AR-15 to have a higher rate of fire, a higher velocity than other rifles, a unique ability to accept magazines with more than an arbitrary number of rounds, and somehow be differently subject to the laws of physics and physiology than any other firearm.

It’s important to note here that Wallace is, by his own admission, a firearms instructor and competitive shooter but his insight and experience only informs his analysis – it does not drive him to a predetermined conclusion. That much is obvious, as his analysis is based on indisputable facts – the same raw facts that are willfully ignored by gun control proponents. We’ll take each of these claim requirements individually, though without the same depth.

First, all semi-automatic firearms have essentially the same rate of fire: one round fired for every trigger pull. Another go-to gun control claim is that an AR-15 can be fired between 300 and 500 times per minute, which would require between five and eight trigger pulls per second for an entire minute (without time for necessary reloads). Wallace points out that the sources for these claims were prominent gun control advocates. Again, all semi-automatic firearms have essentially the same rate of fire.

The most common AR-15 cartridges – the .223 or 5.56 – produce less kinetic energy than other common rifle rounds. These factors, and a myriad of other variables, determine the type and severity of wounds inflicted by a gunshot. There is nothing exceptionally unique about the AR-15 or other semi-automatic firearms in this regard. Wallace explores these ballistics topics in great detail, noting that the “wound severity depends largely on the type and quantity of tissue disruption, which in turn depend on the location of the bullet strike.

Claims to the contrary from gun control advocates or even physician advocates, Wallace argues, are based on emotion or myths and some such testimony has been directly contradicted by the facts.

A magazine of a certain capacity does not make an AR-15 or any firearm any more powerful or fire any faster. Most full-size handguns come with magazines that hold 15 or more rounds and are capable of taking magazines with even greater capacities. In other words, the term “high-capacity” is a misnomer; these are common magazines. Wallace cites research that estimates more than 100 million magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds in circulation and cites Gary Kleck’s research that found that larger-capacity magazines do not produce more lethal outcomes in mass shootings.

Wallace goes into significantly more depth on these topics, but his point is constant: the semi-automatic firearms targeted by “assault weapon” bans are no more lethal than any other rifle.

Wallace injects facts into a debate driven by emotion and ignorance and demonstrates that semi-automatic rifles are not uniquely lethal firearms that warrant special restrictions.

But that is precisely what Biden wants to do.

Imagine this, if you dare: Joe Biden is inaugurated President of the United States. He and Vice President Kamala Harris force law-abiding gun owners to either surrender their lawfully acquired firearms or pay a punitive tax to keep (and register) their own property.  What do you think happens when crime is not impacted (since rifles are rarely used in crime)?

They’ll turn back to handguns. That’s been the gun control end game since the beginning. Biden has already admitted he does not consider the 2nd Amendment to be an individual right, in direct contradiction to the Supreme Court decision that affirmed that exact status.

What do you think will happen if Biden gets a chance to fulfill the dreams of Michael Bloomberg and Beto O’Rourke?

What happens if Biden gets a chance to appoint justices to the Supreme Court?

That’s what’s at stake this November. None of the facts presented by Wallace matter to gun grabbers. They want your guns – and they plan to start with semi-automatic rifles.


WI Couple Says Foster Parent Rules Violate Their 2A Rights

H/T Bearing Arms.

Foster parent rules are made by morons.

Speaking as a former foster parent as the stupid rules are why I am no longer a foster parent.

Indiana has 92 counties and 92 different sets of foster parent rules.

Brian and Kate Lafferty have been foster parents for three years, but when they going through the process of renewing their license, they were given a form to sign asserting that they would not have any loaded firearms in their home, even if they were carrying for self-defense inside their residence. Besides requiring that firearms be locked up unloaded, the agency that oversees the foster care program in the Laffertys home county also demands that ammunition be locked up and stored separately from any guns in the home.

The couple balked at the language from the Washington County Human Services Department, which also required them to list every firearm that the Laffertys own as well as where they’re stored. Rather than give up their role as foster parents, however, the couple are now suing the state and county agencies that oversee foster parents for violating the Second Amendment.


The Wisconsin Department of Children and Families said in a statement that the rules for foster parents must take into consideration both the safety of children and the rights of parents.

“The department’s longstanding administrative rules for foster families were established to create a reasonable balance between a person’s right to possess firearms and the agency’s responsibility to keep children safe while they are placed out of their homes,” the statement said.

Making it nearly impossible to protect your family (including your foster kids) with a firearm if necessary isn’t striking any sort of “reasonable balance.” Rather, it establishes a double standard, and one where foster families are placed at a greater risk of being the victims of violent crimes because they’re far less likely to be able to access a firearm.

Brian and Kate Lafferty were the subject of a profile in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel last December, and they come across as a genuine and down-to-earth couple who are trying to help kids in a tough situation.

Lafferty said that to celebrate Christmas, she and her husband plan to do traditional holiday activities with their foster children. They will make cinnamon rolls in the morning and open presents. Then, she said, they will spend time with their extended family, maybe watching a bit of football.

She and her husband, Brian have fostered two sets of siblings. They had two boys, until June, for three years. And now, they have two boys, ages 7 and 9, who have been with them for about four weeks.

“We treat them as if they are our own,” said Lafferty. But she knows that these foster children are only in her home temporarily…

The hardest thing about fostering is knowing you will have to say goodbye, said Lafferty.

She went through this herself when she recently had to part from two brothers, ages 8 and 11, whom she and her husband had fostered for three years.

“When we said goodbye, it was the hardest thing we ever had to go through,” she said.

But she also said that shebecame close with the boys’ biological father and that they keep in touch. It is a lifelong relationship, she explained.

“We had to grieve (after saying goodbye to her past foster kids). We took some time off from fostering and let our hearts heal,” said Lafferty. “But we knew we could do it again.”

She said it was rewarding to see the children flourish and grow.

“This is what we are supposed to be doing,” she said. “We made a lasting impact in their lives, and we were a positive influence. More people should step up. These kids are our future. I think it is good to have foster families in all communities.”

We need more folks like the Laffertys in the foster care system, but foster parents shouldn’t have to decide between helping a child in need and being able to protect their family in their home. Unfortunately, many other states have similar restrictions in place for foster parents, though the state of Texas made some improvements to their law last year by at least allowing foster parents to store locked firearms and ammunition together, making it easier to access and use a gun in self-defense if necessary.

I doubt the state of Wisconsin will take similar steps voluntarily, but hopefully the Laffertys and common sense will prevail in a court of law and they can soon return to helping kids in need while keeping them safe at home.