‘Can I Change My Vote’ Trends on Google in Battleground States Just a Week Away from the Election

H/T Western Journal.

Are these Biden voters with buyers remorse and they want to vote for President Trump especially voters in Delaware?

Tens of millions of Americans have already voted in the upcoming Nov. 3 election, but a recent Google search trend could spell bad news for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Fox News reported that many people online are doing research about changing their votes.

The outlet reported the words “can I change my vote” trended on Google in the U.S., and peaked Tuesday morning.

Google Trends shows that at 6:28 a.m. EST on Tuesday, searches about changing one’s vote peaked.

As Fox News noted, the search phrase at one point trended heavily in Biden’s home state of Delaware.

“Other subregions included battleground states such as Maine, Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Iowa, Wisconsin and Arizona, according to Trend data at various points throughout Tuesday morning,” the outlet reported.

Battleground state interest in changing one’s vote was the heaviest in Pennsylvania, where the state’s energy industry could be devastated by a Biden presidency.

Interestingly, data from Google Trends on phrases related to “can I change my vote” included the phrase “Hunter Biden corruption,” which shows that Big Tech and the establishment media’s attempts to censor and suppress reporting about the Biden corruption scandal have backfired.

Interest in that subject has remained enthusiastic, according to analytics from Google.

Other related searches all involved changing a vote which has already been cast.

The phrase “can I change my vote in Wisconsin” was a popular search item from Monday to Tuesday.

Wisconsin is of course a crucial swing state, as are the others where Google Trends showed an apparent post-voting change of heart.

While early voting is already underway across the country, and has been in many areas for some time, the last two weeks have been disastrous for Biden’s campaign.

In addition to Biden’s alleged involvement in his son’s international business deals, the 77-year-old continues to gaffe his way down the home stretch of the campaign.

Biden also divulged during Thursday’s final presidential debate that he’d like to do away with the oil industry and has been less transparent than ever with regard to his availability to the public.

President Trump, who put on a stellar debate performance in Nashville, tweeted about the shocking Google trend.

“Strongly Trending (Google) since immediately after the second debate is CAN I CHANGE MY VOTE? This refers changing it to me,” Trump tweeted Tuesday morning.

“The answer in most states is YES,” he continued. “Go do it. Most important Election of your life!”


While voters routinely express regrets after voting for a particular candidate well after an election and inauguration, the Google trend says a lot about the state of Biden’s campaign, if indeed those searches are related to switching votes that were cast for the former vice president.

If that’s the case, that means many Biden voters are already showing buyer’s remorse for a candidate who has yet to even win the election.

It could also be a signal that voters who previously intended to support Biden at the polls might be reconsidering that idea.

Only time will tell.

The trends reported by Google certainly raise more questions about the benefits of early voting, which allows voters to cast ballots before campaigns have even finished with their final pitches.

Over 60 million Americans had voted early as of Tuesday morning.


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