Trump To Quickly Announce 2024 Campaign If Biden Victory Is Certified: Report

H/T Conservative Brief.

President Trump could become the second person in history to be elected to two nonconsecutive terms.

President Donald Trump has reportedly told some of his advisers that if Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden is certified as the winner of the 2020 election, he will announce a 2024 campaign shortly afterward.

“Some advisers had hoped that Mr. Trump would accept the state of the race by the end of this week, but a looming recount in Georgia may delay that,” The New York Times reported. “The president has told some advisers that if the race is certified for Mr. Biden, he will announce a 2024 campaign shortly afterward.”

The news comes as speculation has grown over whether Trump will launch a media endeavor when he leaves office, something that Republicans indicated would be nearly impossible to do if he was planning on launching another presidential run.

“He certainly has the right to do it. I mean, Donald Trump, irrespective of the outcome of this race, however, it turns out, in the end after all the legal claims have been adjudicated – Donald Trump brought in millions of people to vote Republican that had never considered it before,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) told reporters on Tuesday. “And if he runs in 2024 he’ll certainly be the front runner, and then he’ll probably be the nominee – but again I’m being presumptuous here, we’re not even through 2020.”



This is the second report this week alleging Trump is strongly considering a 2024 run.

Aside from that, a new report claims that if Trump does not prevail in his legal challenges regarding the 2020 election results, he will launch another bid for the White House in 2024.

Reporter Jonathan Swan claimed that Trump has admitted privately that he has lost the election.

Swan reported, “This is the clearest indication yet that Trump understands he has lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden — even as the president continues to falsely insist that he is the true winner, that there has been election fraud and that his team will fight to the end in the courts.”

Trump is reported to be “privately discussing” a 2024 run in the case that the legal dominoes do not fall his way.

Swan claimed he had heard from “two sources” close to the campaign about that potential outcome.

“President Trump has already told advisers he’s thinking about running for president again in 2024, two sources familiar with the conversations tell Axios,” the report said.

Axios reported that should Trump come up short after exhausting his legal remedies, he would be a force to be reckoned with, should he indeed throw his hat into the 2024 GOP primary.

Swan reported, “Aides advising Republicans who are likely to run in 2024 are dreading the prospect of a Trump run given the extraordinary sway he holds over millions of GOP voters.”

“Even four years after leaving office, he could remain formidable in a Republican primary,” Swan added in his report. “That fact alone could freeze the ambitions, fundraising, and staffing of individual candidates — and of the Republican National Committee as it seeks to regroup and move beyond Trump.”

It is indeed difficult to imagine any scenario where Trump would not the undisputed leader of the Republican party, whether as a 2020 second term president or as a private citizen.


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2 thoughts on “Trump To Quickly Announce 2024 Campaign If Biden Victory Is Certified: Report”

  1. Anybody who believes this still doesn’t understand Trump and the Fake News. Trump is operating on the basis he will be reelected. Sure, he knows the options, but he is not going to entertain them until he is completely done with Pan A.


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