CBS’s ‘Blue Bloods’ Breaks Hollywood Trend, Speaks Up for Cops in ‘Defund Police’ Episode

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How long before the looney left demands CBS cancel Blue Bloods?

The CBS drama “Blue Bloods” may be the last of the popular cop shows to stand up against radically anti-police poison common to most of network television.

Already lauded by conservatives for its positive depiction of a tight-knit Irish Catholic family, the series recently tackled the bigotry against police head-on.

In Friday’s season 11 premiere episode “Triumph Over Trauma,” New York Police Commissioner Frank Reagan, played by veteran actor Tom Selleck stood up his officers against City Council Speaker Regina Thomas, portrayed by the once-funny comedian Whoopi Goldberg.

In the episode, Reagan and his colleagues listened to a radio interview where Thomas suggested that they should “repurpose” the New York Police Department as a way to introduce the defunding police agenda into the fictional version of the city that already has done it.

The writers accurately laid out the radical left’s position when Thomas — sounding much like Goldberg in her co-hosting gig on “The View” — suggested, “Commissioner Reagan and his goon squad need to step back and get on the right side of history for once.”

Later in the episode, Thomas and Reagan meet in the Commissioner’s office and have a confrontational but mostly respectful exchange that fairly depicted the arguments against such lunacy.

Thomas told Reagan that the NYPD is “on trial.”

“Well, because you’re putting it on trial. And, by the way, everyone is entitled to a vigorous defense, even my people,” Reagan shot back.

Thomas tried to prod some more, asking “Do you really not see what’s going on here?”

“I do,” Reagan replied, “Every single cop is being painted with the same brush. And when anyone in my rank and file conducts themselves in a way that is not worthy of the uniform, they get dealt with.”

“Every cop is wearing the same uniform, so if you get stopped walking while black, how do you know which one is walking up on you?” Thomas pressed.

“Okay, how’s a cop to know what he’s walking up on? See, that fuse gets lit both ways. At least we can agree on that,” Reagan replied.

Nope, of course, they can’t agree on that, just like in real life.

“You have criminals in your ranks,” Thomas replied.

“Boy, Regina, you need to get your head out of your a–,” he said before ultimately apologizing, but pretty much expressed the sentiments of every sane individual who has ever confronted one of these activists.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic language that some viewers will find offensive.

The pair had another exchange later in the episode that punched through the flimsy, one-sided arguments of the Black Lives Matter crowd, this time in Thomas’ office.

“The fact is, this city is dividing into two camps who are just shouting past each other,” the commissioner said.

“Frank, you’ve got to get your guys to deescalate,” Thomas bristled at this, realistically using one of the meaningless buzz words the left employs to cover its radical agenda.

Reagan said he already reprimanded officers who “stepped over the line,” and Thomas suggested that he let that be known to “people of color.”

“I don’t think they’re gonna listen to me,” Reagan said, his voice expressing the crushing frustration many in his position feel.

In a vast television wasteland that included calls to cancel the children’s cartoon “Paw Patrol” because of its positive depiction of police officers — portrayed as an adorable German Shepard — it was a refreshing take on an issue that network television seldom treats honestly.

Other network shows took to the usual position of penitential flagellates, whipping themselves raw with mea culpas in police dramas like NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, where the main character’s Olivia Benson is schooled by an internal affairs investigator that some cops “never see themselves as racist but are in denial about their complicity in the systemic racism of the NYPD,” the Daily Beast reported.

Even NBC’s tear-jerker favorite “This Is Us” depicted one of the main characters, who is black, turn on his adoptive white family and even his white therapist as a response to the death of George Floyd and the ensuing chaos, riots and political posturing.

The white characters were left bumbling and apologetic despite presumably being raised from birth together without racial bias until the moment they were swept up in the collective guilt of being white while racism exists in the world (kind of like the rest of us).

Back in August, Variety reported that CBS went so far as to hire a consulting firm to “provide CBS and its writers with technical advice, based on the historical and current truths and realities of policing, as well as contemporary efforts to transform policing and reimagine public safety.”

This episode somehow escaped that thinly-veiled radical agenda, and it was refreshing to see.

Television doesn’t always have to be realistic, but when comes to hot-button issues like race relations and law enforcement, where their propaganda has real-world consequences, they should tread lightly.

Instead, writers are usually heavy-handed in their schoolmarming of anyone not in lock-step agreement with the radical left.

They shape the opinions of the people who watch those shows, and it isn’t by chance that they’ve blanketed the networks with their radical agenda.

Thankfully, they have yet to ruin “Blue Bloods,” a show where everyone in the family is a decent public servant and where family dinners always begin with a prayer.

Let’s hope the woke “cancel culture” doesn’t sink its claws into the last conservative holdout on the public dial.

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