Security Analyst Behind Michigan Audit of Dominion Anticipates Further Evidence to Change Playing Field

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

December 19th, 2020

Bet on it.

Russell James Ramsland is the security and intelligence analyst who did the audit of the Dominion ballot counting machines in Antrim county, Michigan. 

Tonight on Newsmax Mr. Ramsland stated he suspects further evidence will come forward in the next few days that might “change the playing field.”

Given that many venues for evidence hearings have been shut down, I suspect this “something” relates to the Michigan lawsuit carried by Sidney Powell to the supreme court. 

Michigan has until January 14th to respond to the court.

The evidence of voter fraud and corruption has been presented to the court of public opinion.

It’s Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Paul Roberts is being controlled by sinister forces.

Why else would he go ballistic when the topic of the Supreme Court deciding the outcome is raised?

H/T Sundance

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