Trump Reveals Damning Mistake Made by Terrorists Who Shelled US Embassy Sunday, Offers Some ‘Friendly Health Advice’

H/T Western Journal.

These are the same people the DemocRats tell us we can trust to follow the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

Shortly after the United States embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, was shelled by a barrage of rockets Sunday, friendly forces made a damning discovery.

Now, thanks to the apparent ineptitude of the terrorists firing the rockets, we now seemingly have conclusive proof that the people firing deadly rockets into a civilian area are backed by a country we’ve been at odds with for decades.

The discovery of three failed rockets that were originally part of the barrage was announced by President Donald Trump on Wednesday afternoon. According to the president, the arms originated from Iran, apparently serving as conclusive proof that the Islamic Republic is actively financing and arming anti-American forces.

Trump posted pictures of the dud rockets on his Twitter account, taking the chance to offer the rogue regime in Iran some words of wisdom.



“Some friendly health advice to Iran: If one American is killed, I will hold Iran responsible,” Trump wrote. “Think it over.”

The rockets, which failed to fire, were seemingly abandoned without any attempt to destroy the evidence pointing directly back at Iran.

For most equipment, something as simple as an incendiary grenade can destroy it beyond recognition.

When disposing of volatile warheads, the process is more complicated. While an incendiary device can melt a radio to keep it from falling into enemy hands, communications equipment usually doesn’t carry an explosive payload.

It seems the task of covering tracks was too much for the terrorists who originally launched rockets toward the U.S. embassy, and they instead allowed their equipment to be discovered by American forces.

Now, the ineptitude of the thugs behind the launch has turned into a major win for America.

Iran has never exactly been shy about its anti-American sentiments, even going so far as to acknowledge responsibility after radicals attacked an airbase used by American forces earlier this year.

The discovery of these rockets just furthers the entirely accurate narrative that Iran provides material support for radicals targeting Americans and civilians.

While it’s clear that this rogue regime was never intent on playing by the rules, this will undoubtedly help to increase pressure on the Islamic Republic throughout the international community.

For Iranian leaders, who have been salivating at the thought of dealing with presumptive President-elect Joe Biden instead of Trump, this throws a wrench into plans for the future.

Trump has not revealed how he plans on dealing with Iran after this revelation, but it’s clear he needs to act before the country can finance another strike against America.

Author: deplorablesunite

I am a divorced father of two daughters. I am a proud Deplorable.

One thought on “Trump Reveals Damning Mistake Made by Terrorists Who Shelled US Embassy Sunday, Offers Some ‘Friendly Health Advice’”

  1. While I trust Trump, this story is asking us to believe the State Dept., the CIA, the Army, and the Iraqis.
    Do any of you?
    PS – Trump is smart enough to know that he is being set up with this in the hope that he makes a false move that causes something to distract Americans from the massive election fraud that will be proven over the next two weeks. If I’m wrong, come back and tell me after January 9, 2021.


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