California: Concealed Carry Weapon Holder Application Scam: False Text Messages

H/T AmmoLand.

These scammers will try any way they can to get their hands on our information.

California – -( California Rifle & Pistol Association is receiving disturbing reports that California gun owners are receiving text messages on their personal phones claiming that today is the “last day” to get a CCW from their respective County Sheriff, along with a link to an application form. Be warned, this is a fraudulent claim!

At CRPA we have just been advised by numerous Sheriff’s offices across the state that there is a nationwide text message scam that has been targeting citizens with CCW permits.


Those targeted by this scam have received text messages alerting them that their permit needs to be renewed or changed and offers a link to provide the user’s information.

These text messages are being sent randomly from phone numbers to people across the entire nation.


It appears this latest attack on California gun owners is nothing more than a ploy to obtain their personal information. To what end is unclear. If you receive this message, California Rifle & Pistol Association advises you to delete it off your phone and block the number from which it was sent.

To stay informed regarding any updates on this issue and more, be sure you are subscribed to California Rifle & Pistol Association email alerts or by visiting the California Rifle & Pistol Association website at

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